Et tu Ann? Coulter says Ted Cruz is a traitor


“Conservative” pundit Ann Coulter has been a vocal supporter of Donald Trump for some time, even appearing to speak at some of the billionaire’s rallies. In her latest defense of Trump, however, she blasted Ted Cruz as an “American traitor,” which is a far cry from what she said about the Texas senator before Trump’s rise as a candidate.


Coulter tweeted over the weekend that she believed Ted Cruz – as well as Fox News – were “American traitors” for daring to speak against Donald Trump. Cruz, as well as the other GOP presidential candidates, took Trump’s angry rhetoric to task for encouraging angry liberals to respond in kind.

Recently, Cruz has been a favorite target of Coulter, who has insisted that Cruz is not a natural born citizen and ineligible to run for President. However, Coulter used to sing a different tune about him. According to a report (with a video clip) by The Right Scoop, Coulter appeared on Geraldo Rivera’s Fox News show in 2013 praising Cruz, with nothing close to the word “traitor” being tossed around. In fact, she even said Cruz would be at the “top of the list” for her 2016 Presidential candidate preferences. She even agreed with Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz (who appeared with her on Rivera’s show) that Cruz was a citizen and eligible to run.

Once Coulter became obsessed with Trump, however (and the notoriety that came with aligning with him), she turned on Cruz, even going so far as to question his eligibility to be President. Despite proclaiming he was a citizen just a short time ago, Coulter now says the exact opposite, seemingly because Donald Trump says so.


Ann Coulter demonstrates what is truly tearing apart the GOP; it isn’t the establishment so much as “conservatives” who put fame and personal ambition before principle. They are putting their short term advancement ahead of what is best for the country. These people come from all sectors: the establishment, the Tea Party, and the pundits who are supposed to keep our leaders in check and stay committed to the truth. Everyone has an agenda it seems, and that agenda is never being selfless and asking what you can do for your country. For many of these conservatives, it means abandoning principles and riding the Trump bandwagon to personal notoriety.

Perhaps the greatest proof Coulter is putting her obsession with one man over the entire country is this statement, made on Twitter just after her “traitor” comment: “We win or lose with Trump and only Trump.”

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