Even the U.S. Department of Education goes gay…for about a day

deptedpic2A lot of people jumped on the gay marriage bandwagon Friday, including a surprising addition: The U.S. Department of Education. Then again, perhaps it isn’t surprising at all.

Friday morning, within hours of the announcement of the Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage nationwide, The U.S. Department of Education posted a new profile picture to their official Facebook page, which was actually an altered version of their standard profile pic, which sports a graduation cap and the letters “ED” against a blue background. This time, however, the logo had a rainbow background, signaling solidarity with the gay marriage movement.

As one might expect, the response was quick and harsh. Vladimir Davidiuk posted This is highly inappropriate for a government agency; please remove it immediately.” Rebecca Winters Tingey responded withI would love it if the department of education could teach our children why a handful of men acting like tyrants overturned the rule of law and the voice of the people. That would be a great lesson to start with.” Janalea England postedWhy not post a Bible, Right to Bear Arms, or a Confederate Flag? They deserve as much EQUALITY as this.”

The outcry seems to have worked: the Department of Education changed back to the standard profile picture about a day later. Here is a screenshot of the picture in their gallery:


Is it any wonder that more and more parents are pulling their kids from the public school system in favor of private schools, homeschooling, and charter schools? President Obama’s Department of Education has made their priorities for America’s kids known.

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