Exclusive: Obama Contracting With Taliban Heroin Smugglers in Afghanistan

Obama’s military contracting with Taliban Heroin smugglers in Afghanistan

By Randall Stevens 



 Qatar, NATO, and the NLC

Given the Qatari connections to al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, terrorism, and the Arab Spring (which was a deliberate program to empower the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda), it is disturbing enough that the American military presence in the Gulf has been adopted by the ruling al-Thanis.  But the clear line from Qatar to al Qaeda and the Taliban, and the incredible manifestation of corruption within the US military and NATO is even more glaring.

The NLC, the same Taliban heroin smugglers who work at the behest of the Pakistani ISI, are not only in a joint venture with Qatar, but are also NATO subcontractors.  In August 2012, The Express Tribune published a business-orientedarticle regarding the NLC, and their expansion into various non-Pakistani military areas.  These include construction, real estate, and stock market speculation. Additionally, the NLC has entered into a joint venture with a Qatari construction company, and “pay[ed] off 10 million Qatari riyals to the other company, and to inject fresh capital to start work independently.”  If it weren’t bad enough that the Qataris hired heroin smuggling terrorists to build for them, consider that construction in Qatar is notorious for its use of slave labor. Because they are scheduled to host the World Cup in 2022, labor conditions in Qatar have been the subject of international scrutiny and outrage, to a point where FIFA may rescind the invitation, pending a probe.

Warning: If you’re not sitting down already, now would be the time to find a chair.

About that contracting with NATO, you may be glad to learn that the NLC does it at cost.  According to the article, “To a question whether the NLC’s revenues also include fees charged from Nato containers transiting through Pakistan, Shaikh claimed that Nato was not paying a fee to any entity in the country. The roughly $235 charged per container was on account of handling, scanning and toll charges, he added.”

Although we have the Taliban moving our supplies into a warzone (ahem, to fight the Taliban), we are getting this remarkable service at cost.  How do the casualties look in Afghanistan since Obama took office?  74% of all casualties in Afghanistan have come since Obama ordered an increase in the number of troops.  Allow me to scream… OK, where were we?

Oh, that’s right.  The NLC, the Taliban truckers, are very proud of their relationship with Qatar, even going to far as to call it a “brotherly country.”  In fact, Qatar was the first international destination of the heroin-smuggling, terrorist folks at the NLC. On their website, NLC boasts that,

“After setting firm foothold [sic] in the construction sector in Pakistan, time had come to explore vast opportunities on the foreign shores. Qatar became the first destination, where overseas subsidiary of the outfit by the name of Pearl NLC was formed. Since then Pearl NLC has significantly contributed to the development of the brotherly Country. Pearl NLC has executed construction projects worth QR 900 Million including earthworks, blasting and infrastructure development projects.”

How warm and fuzzy those two are…

Suspension of Disbelief NOT REQUIRED

Shortly after the publication of Hersh’s article, there was an article published on the website of the Fourth International (that would be the Trots) that asked the question: why hasn’t Hersh’s work been picked up by the press?  It’s not like Seymour Hersh hasn’t been around forever… he does, after all, have a Pulitzer to his name.  It’s a great question.  Answer?  Qatar is entrenched, deeply, in the American establishment.

The evidence that significant elements of the American political, military, and economic establishment have been co-opted by the same people responsible for 9/11 is frighteningly blatant.  Qatar bankrolled KSM; they have the worst counterterrorism record in the region; they are in partnership with the Taliban, and NATO uses the Taliban to move supplies into a warzone.  Qatar evidently recruited NATO to carry out its Arab Spring project.  How?  Two of the largest American bases in the world are located in Qatar, as well as two of the preeminent think tanks that guide American foreign policy: Brookings Institution and RAND Corporation.  Qatar purchases billions of dollars of military equipment from American and allied companies.  And this is to say nothing of the many, many other institutional and structural ties to the American political, military, intellectual, and economic establishment (several are documented in this report, including Georgetown University, ExxonMobil, and the Bloomberg International Business Forum).

Should it be any surprise, whatsoever, that the CIA allegedly found itself supporting the foreign policy brainchild of Qatar, the Arab Spring?  No – it’s a surprise it took this long to dawn on someone that something might be seriously wrong with American foreign policy under Qatari influence.

Oh, about that other foreign policy mystery, inextricably linked with Benghazi.  The one having to do with the “red line.”

Right before the compound in Benghazi was attacked, Ambassador Stevens received a visit from the Turkish Ambassador.  A few hours after he left, the compound was under attack by a franchise of al Qaeda.  Less than a year later, Obama made several statements claiming that if Assad were to use chemical weapons against the rebels (the same rebels who were receiving those weapons from Benghazi, through Turkey), the American military would intervene and punish Assad, effectively ending his rule and turning Syria into another Libya.  According to Hersh, the Turks supplied the rebels with sarin gas, and they in turn gassed their own to force Obama’s hand, to intervene.  Hersh hints that the American brass did not want to bomb Assad, and let their opinion be known.  (Writes Hersh, “the military leaders who thought that going to war wasboth unjustified and potentially disastrous.”)

It is a matter of historical fact that Obama called for the resignation of Mubarak, which paved the way for Muslim Brother Mohamed Morsi.  Obama was also a prime mover in removing Gaddafi, who apparently had offered to abdicate after defeating al Qaeda in Libya.  Instead, Gaddafi was extrajudicially murdered with the assistance of NATO, and Libya has since turned into something resembling Afghanistan, overrun with drug smugglers and roving al Qaeda death squads.

Hersh hints that Obama, in his meeting with an eager (Turkish Prime Minister) Recep Erdogan, let Erdogan know that American intelligence had discovered that the Turks supplied Sarin to the rebels.  At that point, the planned bombing, which had grown into a massive campaign, was called off.  And yet, it is hard to forget that one of Obama’s closest international allies/friends is that very same Erdogan.  In fact, Erdogan is still confident and comfortable enough to call on Obama for political favors, like asking him to shut down American charter schools owned by billionaire rival, Turk Fethullah Gulen, who resides in Pennsylvania.

Knowing as we do the connections between the heroin smuggling NLC and our close ally Qatar, as well as that the Arab Spring was the project of Qatar and Turkey to benefit the Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda, the Taliban, etc. should not Congress look into the very real possibility that the United States may be wittingly arming al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood? With Obama’s actions, Mubarak and Gaddafi would likely still be in power, and Assad probably would have crushed the terrorist rebellion years ago.

And possibly, in doing so, might Congress defuse an escalating international situation with Russia, involving both Syria and now Ukraine?

Or is it too much ask that Congress do anything, and too much to ask a global catastrophe might be avoided by peaceful hearings?

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