Garbage Pail Kids take on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump


If you grew up in the 1980s, you likely remember Garbage Pail Kids stickers. The parody product from the Topps Company were popular for their gross-out characters, and continue to be popular to this day, with new stickers being issued every year.

It shouldn’t be surprising that Garbage Pail Kids are now doing politically-themed stickers, especially since featuring detestable individuals is their specialty. This year, you can now pick up stickers featuring Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and other presidential candidates. While some are available for a limited time, others may be purchased by clicking here to visit the Topps online store. Clinton, called “Hounded Hillary” and “Cyber Clinton” on her stickers, is shown wearing a pantsuit and deleting emails:


Donald Trump also gets lampooned, and his treatment is especially brutal, as he is shown using the Constitution as toilet paper as “Donald Dump” and “Tumultuous Trump:”


Other candidates get the parody treatment as well. Bernie Sanders’ sticker is a bit confusing, as he is shown as a “Rambo” type called “Berserk Bernie,” we assume because they didn’t want to portray him with a hammer and sickle benefiting of his socialist views. Jeb Bush is branded “Joyless Jeb” and is shown destroying Florida ballots from the 2001 election. Finally, Ben Carson is dubbed “Brainy Ben” in a mad scientist setting.



gpkcarson None of the candidates featured have commented on their stickers.

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