Gay website celebrates Captain America and Thor kissing, but there’s a problem


Andy Towle of the gay-themed website is really excited that Marvel comic book characters Captain America and Thor are gay lovers. He even posted an image from an upcoming comic of the pair smooching on his website, proclaiming how much he is looking forward to the movie versions of the Avengers following suit.

His headline proclaims “Captain America and Thor Have ‘Earth’s Mightiest Kiss’ in Upcoming Comic,” as if such an event is a milestone in gay rights or will set off gay double rainbows around the world.

There’s just one little problem, however. And we almost don’t have the heart to tell him.

Towle must not be an avid comic book reader, otherwise, he would have known that Thor became a woman last year. It was part of a gimmick to get more readers to buy the comic, whose sales were lagging. As fans of the comic know, anyone who may be worthy to lift Mjölnir (the hammer) can possess Thor’s power and become “Thor.” In the recent incarnation of the Marvel comic, it happens to be a woman. Girl power and all of that.

Towle should have known something was up, since Captain America was suddenly black. Again, this is a case of Marvel changing up a character in a reboot effort: this time, the character Falcon (who is black and can fly) takes up Cap’s shield.

So it turns out Towle got all hot and bothered over a gay kiss that was actually just a plain old hetero smooch.

Don’t you just hate it when a bunch of straight superheroes mess up a perfectly good chance to advance the gay agenda?


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