Glenn Beck has had it with Donald Trump

donaldtrumpDonald Trump’s egomaniacal schtick has worn thin with conservative talk show host and activist Glenn Beck. And he’s not the only one.

“Donald Trump is the opposite of every great leader with humility I have ever seen,” Beck said on his radio show this week. “Donald Trump is the most arrogant man I have ever seen. He is the biggest flaming (Beck censored himself from saying ass) you could possibly imagine. This guy would be an embarrassment.”

In an epic takedown posted on his website, Beck outlined Trump’s troubling history of progressive stances on a number of issues. The column outlined his outrageous tax increase proposal. His soft stance on abortion. He called George W. Bush the worst President ever, with no mention of Carter, LBJ, or Clinton. He praised Obama and felt he would lead the country by consensus. He thought Oprah would make a good vice-president. He tried to use eminent domain to take an old woman’s property and build a casino. The column also pointed out that Trump was a registered Democrat until 2009.

In a new CNN story, several retired military leaders criticized Trump’s plan to bomb Iraq’s oil fields to punish ISIS. They point out that the move would destroy Iraq’s infrastructure and economy, and make

Even other GOP candidates are piling on as well. Rick Santorum posted a link on his official Facebook page to a story by The Iowa Republican entitled “Trump’s Glitz vs. Santorum’s Substance.” The article states:

What Trump provided with glitz and swagger, Santorum countered with substance. At a luncheon with about 50 people at the Bull Moose Club, Santorum spent considerable time talking about foreign policy issues but also touched on rebuilding the middle class and commented on the religious liberty debate that gripped the nation last week.

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry also took aim at Trump. In a Facebook post on July 8, Perry criticized Trump’s comments calling Mexican immigrants rapists. “Donald Trump’s comments don’t reflect Republican values and are bad for the Republican Party,” he said.


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