Ms. Gordon said she was told her Hello Kitty-themed Christmas tree was a “symbol of one religion over another.”

“The tree had no religious symbols on it whatsoever. No crosses or angels, just pink Hello Kitties,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

“In alignment with national and state standards, the Bangor School Department educates students about culture, traditions, and holidays through curriculum ties in English language arts, music, art, social studies and world languages,” the Bangor School Superintendent wrote in a statement. “Our focus is educating students to become global citizens with the necessary 21st century skills for college and career readiness for their future success.”

One has to wonder about the douchebag level of a principal who sends out such an order by email instead of walking down the hall to tell the teacher in person. Regardless, that decision backfired when Gordon’s Facebook post about the incident went viral, and the outcry forced the principal to back down and allow the tree, but the reprieve came only days before Christmas, rendering the whole concession moot. The idea that Hello Kitty is viewed by anyone as a covert promoter of Christianity just makes the entire episode even more ridiculous.

We wouldn’t expect the liberal left to care much about the banning of a Christmas tree in general, but perhaps the combined outrage from the country’s Hello Kitty fandom (which is quite large, we’re told) and animal rights groups like PETA (who has come to Hello Kitty’s defense before) might change their minds. After all, if Hello Kitty isn’t safe from political correctness, what is?