Here’s the REAL reason Ellen Page confronted Ted Cruz


In the movie Juno, actress Ellen Page played a snarky teenager who always had the perfect comeback and could rattle off monologues with perfect precision. However, Page doesn’t have Diablo Cody writing for her anymore, and when she tries to argue with someone now, she comes across as a petulant 12-year-old. When Page tried to ambush Ted Cruz at the Iowa State Fair last week over the issue of gay rights, Cruz turned Page into a tiny ball of rage who couldn’t quite make her point.

It probably wasn’t the best idea for Page to take on a national debate champion from Princeton, but Page wasn’t just there to take a stand for gay rights. She had an ulterior motive, as we have now earned.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Page’s publicist confirmed that a camera crew accompanied Page to film the confrontation for her new reality show, Gaycation. No, really, that’s the name.

So never mind any lofty dreams that Page is champion for gay rights. She didn’t care about “gays and trans” losing their jobs. She wanted to make good TV so people would watch her show. Once again, for a Hollywood liberal, it isn’t about the cause, it’s about herself. In the end, her hubris was her undoing, because her attempt to take on a law professor in a debate just made her look like the angriest pixie on the planet.

Here’s the video of the confrontation, in case you missed it:

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