Do You Eat Pie?

By: Madeline Deneen




Political Illusions Exposed, AKA PIE, has mass appeal (because who doesn’t like pie?), but we’re especially keeping millennials in mind. Our goal is to tap in to that generation because really…who gives a crap about you millennials? The younger generation has always been written off as liberal, but I think it’s about time we change that.

Millennials have been hit hard during these dismal Obummer years. Many of you are up to your ears in debt from school and unfortunately have nothing to show for in this bleak job climate, thus many of us are trapped in our parents’ basement. Just to be clear, I’m not prescribing the GOP to save the day. We simply wish to challenge the concept often accepted by the younger crowd that government is your friend and the answer to everything. Regrettably, most people don’t realize that freedom and liberty dwindles, as well as the economy, when we permit government to grow more and more obese until its too late and they’ve already screwed the younger generation. We at PIE want to do our part in breaking this dangerous pattern by helping the youth, the best hope for a free future, see the light.


A bit about ourselves…


PIE was founded by Scott Smith, who is a proud Conservative and young financial professional, in conjunction with The Blacksphere’s founder, Kevin Jackson. You’ve likely seen Kevin during one of his many guest appearances on Fox News and CNN to name a few.  In addition to Scott and Kevin, the ever-accomplished IJ Review writer Katrina Jorgensen is also a team member; Katrina is also on the Foreign Policy board for the National Young Republicans.  In addition to our writing team,  I would also like to introduce our animation and graphics team.  Seamus Coughlin, our award-winning animator and president of his school’s Young Americans for Liberty  (YAL) chapter, and Brett Huber, who’s behind the scenes working on PIE’s graphics and social media; will be bringing you from time to time hilarious animation and graphics. Then there’s myself, no awards, no frills, just Madeline Deneen, another pissed off millennial eager to get America back on a path the founding fathers, defenders of freedom, would approve of.

P.S. I’m also very active in my school’s YAL chapter and have worked on several campaigns, not to toot my own horn! 😉


A taste of PIE


What can you expect from PIE? Gut-busting cartoons mocking those who deserve to be mocked (i.e.: libs and RINOs), hilarious graphics, plus comical, but angst-ridden articles that ring true regarding the current state of our nation fallen prey to leftist leeches.


Hope you enjoy a piece of PIE!



About Madeline Deneen

Madeline is a staunch pro liberty writer who attends the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. She's 18 years old and already very involved in local campaigns and activities on and off campus. She will be contributing to the Facebook page and writing articles for PIE on a regular basis.