How many Planned Parenthood baby parts does it take to buy a Lamborghini?

A 2015 Lamborghini Aventador

A 2015 Lamborghini Aventador

After the Center for Medical Progress released a video showing a Planned Parenthood official, Dr. Mary Gatter, joking about buying a Lamborghini with the profits from selling parts of babies aborted in their clinics, we began to wonder: exactly how many baby parts does it take to buy a Lamborghini? To answer the question, we simply did the math.

First, we determined the cost of a 2015 Lamborghini. According to, a 2015 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 (the more economical model), with the standard features and common upgrades (including a radio package, leather interior, and blood-red brake calipers) will set you back $549,836.00. That does include tax, title, and license, as well as delivery costs.

We then did the math based on Dr. Gatter’s proposal that Planned Parenthood be paid $75 for each “specimen,” or aborted child. Based on that, it would take approximately 7,332 aborted babies to get that sweet Lamborghini. However, Dr. Gatter discussed perhaps getting more money per baby, perhaps as much as $100 each or more. That would significantly cut down on Dr. Gatter’s wait time.

The real money in aborted babies, however, is in “piecing” it out. Extracting intact key organs is a delicate process, so there is more money in it. It is one of the reasons why Dr. Gatter suggests using different abortion techniques to get more intact specimens and undamaged organs and limbs. Exact rates for some organs and parts are not fully known, as Planned Parenthood doesn’t exactly advertise their rates, but we are able to “ballpark” it. A fee schedule for baby parts published in 2010 shows a similar rate per “specimen” ($70) as Dr. Gatter stated, so we will use the individual part costs from the list to make some estimates. The rates we use are for babies eight weeks old or older.

4,399 heads (uncrushed), at a cost of $125 each.

3,666 pairs of limbs (arms or legs), at a cost of $150 per pair. That, of course, means 7,332 individual arms and legs.

7,331 pairs of eyes, at a cost of $75 each. If only one eye made it out intact, there is a 40% discount.

550 brains, at a cost of $999 each. That is for fully intact brains. Segmented brains (forceps often break them up) are 30% less.

1,000 gonads, at a cost of $550 each.

7331 ears, at a cost of $75 each.

1,692 spinal cords, at a cost of $325 each.

And finally, the big money is in baby livers:

23 livers, at a cost of $24,250 each. This is the current going rate, according to

So, let’s talk about baby livers. Without getting too technical, livers command much more money over an “unprocessed specimen,” because some livers can provide stem cells, which are vital in so many medical experiments these days. However, livers are often crushed by forceps in the abortion process, and getting the livers at the right stage is important. If the liver doesn’t have the right stem cells, it may only be worth around $2,000. According to Stem Express, baby livers that contain CD133+ stem/progenitor cells are enzymatically digested and processed to generate a leukocyte-rich solution. This makes the stem cells easier to extract and use.

Considering Dr. Gatter’s claim that her Pasadena clinic performs 800 abortions a year, with 60 in the second trimester, it theoretically might take only a few months for Gatter to make enough money to get that sweet Lamborghini, so long as the right babies get aborted and decent livers are salvaged. If not, Lamborghini will finance a car purchase, with a monthly payment of $8,000 a month, so a good liver could cover about three months of Dr. Gatter’s payments.

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