ICYMI: Obama faces America’s ‘mean tweets’


Yes, this is a couple of months old, but it is too good to ignore it. I post it here for future reference and enjoyment.

President Barack Obama has already proven he has a pretty thin skin. When the leader of the free world spends most his time complaining that he doesn’t get enough credit or that Fox News doesn’t like him, you know he has some issues with the constant need for approval.

Which is why I found his March appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show – in which he read “mean tweets” directed at him – a bit odd. You can tell by the look on his face that it kills him to read them, knowing that someone out there doesn’t like him. His narcissism, however, gets the best of him, and knowing he’ll get some sympathy by playing the victim gives him the spine to do this. Regardless, it’s great fun seeing him acknowledge with his mouth what most of America has come to realize: he is a disappointment of monumental proportions. Check it out below:

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