Irony: Mom uses her young daughter to promote Planned Parenthood (VIDEO)


Children mean many things to their parents, but for one liberal mother, her child is a prop to make herself famous while standing for liberal causes like Planned Parenthood.

StaceyAnn Chin (her Facebook page can be found here) is a self-professed “Jamaican-Born, Brooklyn-Living, Woman-Loving, Writer/Poet, Political Activist, Performance Artist, and Single Mama” who has turned herself into a minor celebrity thanks to her adorable daughter Zuri, who she coaches to spout left-wing nonsense in a series of YouTube videos.

Chim has posted several “Living Room Protest” videos, which she claims to have started rather than going out and attending actual protests and political rallies. It is slacktivism at its best. Even so, the Today Show gave them positive coverage earlier this year.

Their latest video, posted below, has the two wearing pink to show their solidarity with Planned Parenthood. It is obvious Zuri has been heavily coached to echo what her mother says, but in perhaps the most ironic moment of the video, she inadvertently makes a pro-life statement. While trying to say people have a right to their bodies, Zuri then begins to go off-script, stating people had a right to be who they want, saying “they can be a daddy, they can be a mommy, they can be a baby.”

It seems Zuri’s mom hasn’t mentioned to her that Planned Parenthood’s main purpose is preventing babies from being babies. At best, they can be baby parts to be sold off.

Here is the full video:

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