It’s magic! Media reports turn Hillary Clinton rally attendance from 700 to 30,000


Maybe the mainstream media isn’t a fan of Bernie Sanders, or perhaps they are nostalgic for the Clinton years, but for some reason, the unbiased press is pushing Hillary Clinton’s candidacy hard. So much so, that they are applying something akin to Common Core math methods to make a crowd of her supporters grow from 700 to 30,000.

According to a report by Kelsey Petruzzi of Hypeline, Hillary Clinton spoke at Broward College in Fort Lauderdale last Friday, and the most interesting thing to emerge from her appearance came not from her speech, but from the media’s characterization of the crowd she attracted. The Sun Sentinel reported a crowd of 30,000 heard Clinton speak, while a local NBC affiliate reported a crowd of 2,000, estimates that were highly inflated. From the article:

As the Democratic presidential candidate rallied for equal pay and lowering the cost of education, the mainstream media was frantically trying to cover up the fact that Clinton couldn’t even fill a room with a fire code limit of 1,000 people.

In fact, first-hand accounts by student activists Juan Pablo Andrade and Joshua Thifault, who both attended the event, were that only about 700 people showed up to cheer on the presidential hopeful.

Juan Pablo commented on the evident lack of support for Clinton, ‘This event was a grassroots event for Secretary Clinton, only individuals who were registered online were supposed to be admitted. It seems that they got such a low turn out, that they started letting anyone in, which was mostly students awaiting their next class. It’s a shame that most news and media outlets reported a crowd of 2,000 or more, even 30,000, but the actual number was about 700. The maximum fire occupancy for the building was 1000, so no way they even had 2000.’

A picture posted by Hypeline showed the true size of the crowd at the Clinton event:


It seems the media has their Chosen One, and they will forsake their journalistic duties to protect her.

H/T: Hypeline

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  • BPatMann

    I think what they meant to say was that the venue had the capacity to hold 30,000. They really shouldn’t count the empty seats (although, maybe they think that those seats are filled with the ghosts of all of the dead voters who plan to vote for Hillary).