Hillary told Bill: ‘WHEN we are back in the White House, he’ll have to behave’

CLINTON AND HILLARY AFTER NATIONAL PRAYER BREAKFAST IN FILE PHOTOHillary Clinton has accepted her husband Bill’s philandering ways but told him that ‘when we are back in the White House, he’ll have to behave,’ according to a new book by former Newsweek editor Ed Klein.

That’s ‘when,’ not ‘if.’

But Hillary’s apparent certainty about her presidential plans has taken a back seat in reviews of the book, ‘Blood Feud,’ to accounts of vicious backbiting between the Clintons and the Obamas.

Even tales of exploits of the former ‘first cheater’ have garnered little notice.

According to Klein, Hillary told friends that Bill is ‘having another of his middle-age crises.’ And she doesn’t seem to mind…

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