Jihad Jackpot! ‘Clock boy’ wants $15M over fake bomb arrest


Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old student in Texas who was arrested after his “homemade clock” was mistaken for a bomb, wants an apology for his treatment. Oh, and $15 million in cash too.

According to a story by The Dallas Morning News, Ahmed’s family has retained a law firm, who has sent a demand letter to the city of Irving, Texas, seeking an apology from Irving’s mayor and police chief for the incident, as well as $10 million for his emotional distress. The family is also demanding $5 million from the Irving Independent School District. If not, he’ll sue, and not by Sharia law, either!

Even though Ahmed received a scholarship to college, thousands of dollars in free stuff (including computers), a trip to the White House, and appeared on several national television programs, his lawyers contend his life was ruined and say a pile of cash will help him feel better.

The demand letter also manages to bring Glenn Beck into the situation. The Morning News reports the attorneys believe the Irving mayor’s appearance on Beck’s program defamed Mohamed:

Even Mayor Beth Van Duyne is called out, for “putting her impramatur on [TV host Glenn] Beck’s delusional conspiracy theories” when she nodded as Beck speculated that Ahmed brought his clock to school as part of a jihadist conspiracy to weaken the United States.

The law firm representing Mohamed and his family is Laney & Bollinger in Plainview, Texas. Their phone number is (806) 293-2618. Their website is LaneyBollinger.com.

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