Jon Bon Jovi joins the Dark Side, plans Hillary fundraiser

bonjoviclintonJon Bon Jovi may be known for being a blue-collar, working-class rocker, but when it comes to picking a President, he’s backing the richest old lady in the race.

Bon Jovi has announced that he will be holding a fundraiser for Hillary somewhere in the state of New Jersey later this month. Officials for the Clinton campaign will not disclose the location to the public, likely to avoid having protesters show up. When Clinton traveled to Dallas earlier this month for a fundraiser, Republican activists protested outside the residence where it was held, right in front of TV reporters.

If you are hoping to attend the event and meet Bon Jovi or Clinton, you might want to cash in your IRA. provides the details:

According to her campaign website, an “Evening with Hillary” will be hosted by Jon Bon Jovi and his wife on June 29.¬†Prices range from $1,000 for open seating to $2,700 for priority seating.

With prices like that, Hillary campaign staffers will be able to keep the not-so-wealthy “Jersey Shore” riff-raff (basically, every Bon Jovi fan) out of the event.


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