Joseph Laughon’s conservative response to the Donald Trump controversy

The political enigma that is Donald Trump has split the Republican party down the middle, with some seeing his campaign as a shameless and grand self-promotion, while others say his rhetoric is just what the process needs right now. Trump has managed to further widen the divide with his controversial comments on both immigrants and John McCain.

Joseph Laughon, in an opinion piece for the Cafe con Leche Republicans website, has issued a conservative response to Trump on the immigration issue. Armed with a bevy of sourced facts and studies, Laughon points out that Trump’s statements about immigrants lack both a factual basis and a conservative viewpoint:

Trump may be rich, as he will often tell you, but he knows little about immigration economics and even less about immigration and the wider trends of crime, public health and security. Furthermore the policy he promotes is not the conservative policy option. He wants a larger, more expensive, more expansive government to enforce more laws and more regulations in order to restrict Americans’ market choices. This policy option is not only harmful to everyone involved; both Americans and immigrants, but also is antithetical to the original, limited government policy crafted by our Founders. While he may make headlines, Trump is clueless on immigration and far from conservative.

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