Kevin Jackson smacks down ‘professional protester’ as a ‘race pimp’

jacksonhannityKevin Jackson appeared on Hannity Tuesday night, and promptly put race-baiter DeRay McKesson in his place. McKesson, a self-described “professional protester,” travels around America whenever controversial incidents between police and blacks happen. Before anyone knows what really happened, McKesson and other anarchists swoop in and protest, crying racism and demanding heads roll.

McKesson is now focused on making McKinney, Texas the front line in the war on racism. Even if it has nothing to do with racism.

In the video posted below, McKesson admits to not having a job, but refers to some vague supporters and donations that allow him to travel the country. He did, however, complain that he wasn’t paid for his protest work in Ferguson, Missouri.

AfterMcKesson pulled the race card on Hannity for questioning his motives, Jackson jumped in and promptly shut him down, pointing out that he never shows up to cop funerals or recognizes officers for protecting black citizens. He then called him nothing more than a “race pimp” over his actions. Check out the awesome video:


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