Kim Kardashian: Guns for me, but not for thee

kimkardashiangunHyprocrisy, thy name is Kim Kardashian. The scourge on American culture that is the eldest of the Kardashian brood has weighed in on the gun control issue, with a statement so beyond stupid I almost feel bad calling her out on it. Almost.

According to a report in the UK Mirror, Kardashian appeared at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on Wednesday (July 1), where she spoke about her life and weighed in on pressing social issues. No, seriously! She complained about being objectified by the media (again, we’re not kidding), but when the subject came around to gun control, she hit a whole new level of WTF.

“They scare me so much,” Kim said, referring to guns. “I’m not the type to have them in my house – the security at the front of my house might, but not in my house. I truly, honestly believe we don’t have strict enough gun control laws and it would change a lot.”

You read that right – Kardashian called for tighter gun control, while readily admitting she has a band of gun-toting security guards surrounding her. Apparently, we peasants aren’t worthy of any sort of protection, while she and her gypsy sisters live with the peace of mind that only Smith and Wesson can give.

Even the liberal rag Huffington Post pointed out the hypocrisy, noting that Kim even visited a gun range on her E! show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” (a screenshot is posted here). They even pointed out that the day after Kim made that statement, Kourtney Kardashian posted a photo on Instagram of herself shooting at a gun range. It could have been sheer coincidence, or it could have been some passive aggressive behavior between sisters. Either way, we are really tired of this sideshow.

H/T: UK Mirror



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