What You Should know About Ron, Rand and The Mises Institute

What You Should Know About Ron, Rand, and The Mises Institute – by Randall Seteven ( TCS News )

Ron, Rand, and the Mises Institute

The “Ron Paul Revolution,” as it is sometimes called, is a self-described Libertarian movement that preaches individual liberty, limited government, and – above all else – personal freedoms.  Such freedoms include, apparently, racial segregation at private institutions (they call this property rights) and recreational narcotics usage.

Ron Paul is proud of his friendship with the late Murray Rothbard, an economist of the “Austrian” school (which dates back to Carl Menger, and was developed fully by Ludwig von Mises, both Austrian).  Paul and Rothbard shared an affinity for sound money (i.e., gold) and a disdain for the Federal Reserve System, which prints money, thus causing inflation and other economic distortions.  Rothbard, among conservatives, is mostly known for two things: 1) His authoring of a hate piece against Ronald Reagan, entitled “Ronald Reagan: Warmonger,” published in 1983, in which roundly criticized Reagan’s policies for fighting the Cold War in South America (specifically El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua) and other aspects of his foreign policy; 2)  An obituary written by William F. Buckley, written at the time of Rothbard’s death in 1995, which ended:

“In Murray’s case, much of what drove him was a contrarian spirit, the deranging scrupulosity that caused him to disdain such as Herbert Hoover, Ronald Reagan, Milton Friedman, and-yes-Newt Gingrich, while huffing and puffing in the little cloister whose walls he labored so strenuously to contract, leaving him, in the end, not as the father of a swelling movement that “rous [ed] the masses from their slumber,” as he once stated his ambition, but with about as many disciples as David Koresh had in his little redoubt in Waco. Yes, Murray Rothbard believed in freedom, and yes, David Koresh believed in God.”

In 1982, the Mises Institute was founded in Auburn, Alabama by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Ron Paul’s former Chief-of-Staff.  Many speculate that Lew Rockwell, who operates antiwar.com (which began as a response to Clinton’s intervention in Serbia, when the U.S. bombed [Serbian Orthodox] Milosevic) was the author of the now infamous racist, anti-Semitic, and conspiratorial Ron Paul newsletters.  Some on the internet have pointed out that Rockwell shares a name with George Lincoln Rockwell, the murdered head of the American Nazi Party; Rockwell denies this relation.  If indeed Lew did author those Paul newsletters, you could at least say that they shared sentiments on non-Aryans.

Rockwell, to this day, is the President of the Mises Institute.  Also on the Board of the Mises Institute is Ron Paul, who regularly addresses Mises Institute conferences and seminars.  The Mises Institute sells Ron Paul’s books, and supports his brand of politics and peculiar brand of libertarianism openly.  You might call the Mises Institute the Ron Paul think tank.

Another aspect to the Mises Institute’s intellectual oeuvre is their close tracking to neo-Confederate themes, including secession.  One of their scholars is Thomas DiLorenzo, whose books include “The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War,” and “Lincoln Unmasked: What You’re Not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe.”  Suffice to say that Mr. DiLorenzo would likely have fired on Fort Sumter.  Then there’s Thomas E. Woods, whose book “The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History” features a Confederate soldier on the cover.  Robert Murphy, another economist at the Mises Institute, has appeared on a neo-Confederate radio program.  The article advocating secession was published shortly after the election of Barack Obama, and closely tracks the prediction of a Russian Professor and former KGB analyst Panarin a few months earlier.

The Mises Institute employs Yuri N. Maltsev, a Russian economist with degrees from Moscow State University – the same University where Aleksandr Dugin teaches “Conservative Revolutionary” studies.  Interesting, the map included in the Wall Street Journal article of Maltsev’s prediction has Alaska going to Russia, not Canada. (?!)


Alaska goes to Russia

Also employed at the Mises Institute as a scholar is Paul Gottfried, author of “After Liberalism: Mass Democracy in the Managerial State,”  and the man who coined the term “paleo-conservative.”  Gottfried was a friend of Murray Rothbard, and is a regular contributor to LewRockwell.com.  An historian, Gottfried has made a career criticizing American conservatism of Reagan, Barry Goldwater, and Russel Kirk.  Gottfried, in his critique of western conservatism, which he views as a kind of aggressive cultural capitalism devoid of any spirituality, defends Russian policies contra America, Vladimir Putin, and Russian ultra-nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky.  Furthermore, Gottfried is a friend of French philosopher Alain de Benoist, a Dugin and Eurasianist sympathizer.  (A paper on Dugin, Gottfried, Benoist, as well as other “New Right” intellectuals can be found here.)

Drug policy largely defines the beliefs of young Ron and Rand supporters.  Ron Paul is famous for his dedication to the cause of completely ending all regulation of drugs, from marijuana to cocaine to heroin.  Rand Paul openly admits that he recreationally used drugs in college, and was even involved in a bizarre society called the NoZe Brotherhood that worshipped “Aqua Buddha.”  Kentucky, Rand Paul’s home state, produces more marijuana than any state besides California.  Kentucky even has a marijuana party.  Earlier this month, Rand had kind words for Eric Holder’s proposal to scale back punishment for drug dealers and users.

The hard-to-explain affiliations continue for Ron and Rand.  Ron Paul has been photographed with Don Black, a Grand Wizard for the KKK and founder of white supremacist website, Stormfront.  A prosecutor even tried to subpoena Ron for his alleged involvement in a planned neo-Nazi coup on the island of Dominica.  Neo-Nazi groups today are less about racism than narcotics profits; they even work alongside historically black gangs, like the Bloods and Crips.  Sound strange?  Consider that George Lincoln Rockwell and his “white supremacist” American Nazi Party worked with the Black Muslims, a black separatist group.  (The Black Muslims also worked with the Ku Klux Klan, known for their complicity in the drug trade and cooperation with neo-Nazi groups.)  Wonder what they were doing.  Rockwell is quoted as saying, “They want a chunk of American and I prefer that they go to Africa.”  A simple spat over territorial dominance?

Rand Paul was recently embarrassed when it was revealed that one of his staff is a neo-Confederate.  Jack Hunter, aka the Southern Avenger (no, this is not a joke), was let go by the Rand following exposure.  It is incredible to think that Rand did not know about Hunter’s politics.  Clearly Rand had no problem hiring a pro-secessionist radio host and author with a history of anti-minority statements.  Maybe Jack really is a racist… or maybe he’s just another useful idiot.

One thing narcotics organizations really need is a way to wash money.  Without paying taxes, they can’t enter the legitimate economy.  There are lots of ways to do laundry, including nail shops, financial product chicanery, padding expenses, and, yes, even owning laundromats.  Another way is to set up an organization and accept donations.  A political campaign works just fine for that purpose.  And what better way to clean up than an online fundraiser… say, a money bomb?

The Mises Institute, like Ron and Rand, has a powerful distaste for all American activity abroad.  This goes so far as to suggest that America should not have gone to war in 1941.  Ralph Raico has written extensively on the topic.  As is typical for so-called “non-interventionists,” war is always America’s fault, and we’d be better to butt out.  This recalls Ron Paul’s defense of Osama bin Laden’s demands in the 2007 Republican Presidential debate.

For his obstinate stance against all American activity abroad Ron Paul was offered and accepted a spot on RT (formerly Russia Today) television.  He is a regular guest on their shows – see Youtube.  More information can be found on this suspicious “Christian Culture” website (warning, it’s racist), here.  Julian Assange, who also had a show on RT, is holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.  Ecuador’s President, Rafael Correa, is connected to the FARC coca-growing cartel through family and political donations.  Coincidentally, RT also broadcasts in Spanish language (as well as Arabic and English), as does the Mises Institute.

As an aside, before wrapping up, it is worth remembering National Review’s book review of (libertarian) Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.  Written by Whittaker Chambers, a former GRU agent/spy who is remembered for the trial of Alger Hiss, as well as his chilling autobiography Witness, it remains notorious for “reading out” Ayn Rand from the modern conservative movement.  The review was called “Big Sis is Watching You,” and charged Rand with having as much heart as her Communist enemies, and above all of offering an atheistic political program that was ultimately at odds with the human spirit.  Late in his career, after several more dust-ups with right-leaning intellectuals, Buckley remarked, “You know, I’ve spent my entire life time separating the Right from the kooks.”  Rand (Ayn, that is) and Rothbard were ostensibly among them.

In Rothbard’s obituary, Buckley also wrote, “[Rothbard could] conclude that Khrushchev was morally preferable to Eisenhower.”  From this, we observe a straight line between Rothbard’s distaste for Reagan’s anti-Soviet policies and Ron Paul’s pro-Russian tilt.  You have to wonder what WFB had in mind when he wrote that line.  With some many questionable connections, personalities, writings, and otherwise inexplicable positions, what is it that the Pauls and the Mises Institute actually stand for?  Anti-Communism, or totally deregulated markets to the point where drugs are legal, or close to it?

Someone should start asking the right questions before 2016.


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