The Leftization of a College Coed

I’m sure the liberal bias poisoning college campuses everywhere has Socrates rolling in his grave…

By: Madeline Deneen

It’s that time of year again! Students, including myself, are returning to campuses crawling with professors eager to indoctrinate them. Yes, indoctrinate you.


I speak from experience…





I personally have had a few sour experiences, but most notably in my political science elective titled “Brains, Genetics & Politics.” The premise of the course was to prove a connection between genes and your political orientation, so naturally the professor discussed conservatism as if it were a mental illness and libertarianism as a result of some sort of rare genetic mutation, implying that individuals who prescribe to the ideology must have been the product of some freak science experiment, having more in common with the “Hulk” than the majority of their classmates. Although, as irritatingly laughable the rants lectures were or even the obnoxious “HOPE & CHANGE” bumper sticker plastered on the podium, they were the least of my problems. The TA, a self-described ‘radical communist,’ passed out a generic political preference questionnaire on the first day of class, that’s where my problems began. Out of nearly 200 students in the class, less than 10 were found to be conservative and I was identified as the lone libertarian. Even though it was an 8:30 am class, which most college students understandably dread, I actually looked forward to the content, thinking it would enhance my grasp on politics and be a forum for healthy debate. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I dragged my hung-over ass to that 8:30 am lecture 3 mornings a week, plus 1 early recitation a week only to endure what felt like 75 minutes of MSNBC (AKA torture).


In addition to the painful lectures, I was singled out and attacked regularly by the radical commie during recitation; however, I welcomed that challenge. I can hold my own in a debate, especially with a classic emotional, tactless, factless lib. And being as stubborn as I am, I refused to “say uncle,” which ended up biting me in the ass later. I thought on the bright side I get to write papers on topics that actually interest me, but most assignments required you to inject a bit of your own political philosophy, thus drawing out the TA’s bias in the most damaging capacity: grading.


I received a subpar grade on my first of many papers in that class, which I should have taken as an omen for my final grade if I neglected to suck it up and remain as nonpartisan as possible, but once again, I’m stubborn. I continued to write with my instincts instead of being cautious, ignoring my audience/who I’m supposed to be trying to impress. I never received less than an A- on a test in that class, but unfortunately the papers seriously tanked my grade and ended up putting my scholarship in jeopardy. So what’s the take home message? Don’t do what I did, learn from my mistakes.


Tips for navigating your liberal campus…


1)  Research your professors before enrolling in their class. If I did my homework before enrolling in “Brains, Genetics & Politics” I would’ve learned that my professor is a regular writer for the despicable Mother Jones magazine and that he’s a frequent guest speaker at liberal events in the area and elsewhere.


2)  Don’t egg them on. Don’t welcome attacks as I did, nip them in the bud. Make the TA or professor feel like an asshole by simply stating that “these are my beliefs and I don’t appreciate being chastised for them” should suffice…hopefully.


3)  Choose the topics of your papers wisely. If you’re in a class where the topic of your paper doesn’t need to be political, then don’t make it political. Why invite bad grades?


4)  Find a positive political outlet. The classroom was clearly not a positive outlet for political discussion in my case, but certainly is!


5)  Rate your professor. If it’s already too late for you, at least do the courtesy of warning your anti-government counterparts!


6)  This doesn’t mean you have to bend over. I’m certainly not advocating posing as a lib for the sake of getting through an expensive class that you or your parents, etc. are paying for. I haven’t forgotten that we are consumers. We should not have to conform. But, if you want to get good grades and make it through the liberal jungle of academia, I suggest you follow these tips. If you want to be a rebel, go ahead! I chose that path, but just don’t be surprised when your GPA reflects this.


7)  Drop the class if you must. If you’re a true revolutionary who can’t bear the idea of keeping quiet, but you also need to maintain that stellar average for law school, then…drop the class. You’re not a quitter, you just insist on hanging on to that old school notion of “integrity” and standing up for what you believe in.


You don’t have to tell me…


I know, its ridiculous. College is supposed to be a place where the Socratic method of fostering critical thinking is encouraged and intellectual freedom and diversity of thought is revered, right? Well, it’s not. Unfortunately, that is the reality. And it’s difficult to change it when grades are also a top priority. So hopefully I’m doing my part by writing this and raising awareness about the now common anti-intellectual experience. So good luck to all of you students fighting the good fight this year!




About Madeline Deneen

Madeline is a staunch pro liberty writer who attends the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. She's 18 years old and already very involved in local campaigns and activities on and off campus. She will be contributing to the Facebook page and writing articles for PIE on a regular basis.
  • Mitch

    this is sad, but true! glad you’re speaking out about it, someone has to. that class sounded like a nightmare LOL keep up the great work Madeline Deneen!

    • Madeline Deneen

      Hahah it was, thank you I will!

      • Mitch

        no, thank YOU

  • Rick Perry

    Maybe the low grade you received on your paper was for the poor quality of writing and lack of reasonable thought. Your article seems to support my theory.