Liberals are furious over ‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell’s tweet


You know America’s politically-correct “outrage culture” has gotten out of hand when even a superhero cannot overcome it.

On Wednesday, Stephen Amell, who plays DC Comics superhero The Arrow/Oliver Queen on the hit WB show “Arrow,” weighed in on the “Clock Boy” controversy, but not in the way people expected. Rather than expressing direct outrage over the treatment of Ahmed Mohamed and his clock, Amell addressed the online hate directed at Texas (where the incident took place) in a tweet:


Amell then tweeted that his wife was from Texas, so he took personal offense that Mohamed’s treatment was indicative of some sort of Islamophobia and hate common in Texas. Immediately, the internet attacked Amell with furious anger, like they were Deathstroke himself (look it up, non-comic book fans).

Twitter users called Amell all sorts of names and accused him of not caring about Mohamed’s situation, because he chose to focus on the slams against Texas. The “topper” came when an 11-year-old black girl posted a YouTube video in which she tearfully slammed Amell for not caring about Mohamed, saying his comments “really hurt” her feelings. She then said that pointing out that people in Texas are racist “is not that far off the mark,” because of the state’s “institutionalized racism.” Or something. She then attacked his perceived white privilege, saying he will never have to worry about being discriminated against because he is white, thereby making his points invalid.

Remember now, Amell said nothing against Mohamed, but only pointed out that the slams against Texas were no better than Mohamed’s treatment. He never said anything to lessen or demean “Clock Boy” and his situation, but that didn’t matter to the spoiled slacktivists on Twitter who attacked him.

The response from the internet was clear: you can comment on Ahmed Mohamed, but only to express your outrage over his treatment. Anything else is hate, because your outrage isn’t focused where they want it. It’s the same mindset we see with the “Black Lives Matter” movement. When someone says “Police Lives Matter” or “All Lives Matter,” it offends the Liberal Left, because the outrage isn’t focused singularly on black lives.

For his part, Amell stood by his comments, and did not delete his tweets, but did apologize to anyone who might have been offended or had their feelings hurt. That’s what we’ve come to: a celebrity who had the courage to point out the stupidity of labeling an entire state as racist has to bow to a bunch of spoiled people on the internet who lack the emotional and intellectual depth to understand what he is saying. Amell even took a short sabbatical from social media to defuse the situation so the haters could move on to the next offensive crisis.

Even various entertainment media sites piled on Amell, including Yahoo, The Wrap, People Magazine, and US Weekly, all reporting that he had made “controversial” tweets about Mohamed. Of course, he did nothing of the sort, but in our overly-sensitive “outrage culture,” where people love to play the offended victim to give themselves moral justification to voice their opinion, the truth doesn’t really matter.

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