Liberals Love Islamic Terrorists


Why all the Progressive Sympathy for Radical Islam?

Has it ever struck you as odd how hypocritical the left becomes when it approaches the subject radical Islamic terrorism or the religion in general? Suddenly, the people who were so proud of their acceptance of homosexuality, their understanding of feminism, and their love for minority groups can’t seem to do enough to appease an ideology that rejects all of it in a brutally oppressive fashion. The folks who are so insistent that we teach nothing but atheism in school want to make sure we all know just how peaceful and loving Islam is.

Seriously, what’s that all about libs?

I can’t imagine that they really think it’s okay when people fire rockets into neighborhoods, abuse women and religious minorities, and cut off the heads of people they disagree with, yet they are strangely silent about these events. If they do speak about them, it’s often with an equivocating statements about how all religions are just as bad, we’re no better than them, and this is all somehow America’s fault anyway because….

What is so hard about this? Is it really that difficult to condemn terrorism with something more than passing throwaway lines mixed with a veiled defense or conspicuous silence? When last I checked Westboro Baptist church is roundly condemned by all Christians for their hateful screed, and they haven’t even killed anybody. Alternatively, the liberals go absolutely bananas over Ferguson without any of the facts, and then when a Muslim knifes the head off a woman in Oklahoma, they only mention it long enough to inform us all that it had nothing to do with his religion, and move promptly on to the next, more convenient, story.

I think, when you get right down to it, this is just another manifestation of the guiding progressive philosophy. The idea that people’s lives are shaped by their circumstances, their actions are just reactions to their surroundings, and the only way to stop bad things from happening is to change the environment people are in. Of course, sane people know that we are shaped more by our choices, our actions, and how we respond to the circumstances that surround us. We also recognize that there is evil in the world, and that mankind is not capable of perfection. That’s why we hold people responsible for their actions. That’s why it’s so easy for us to call a spade a spade when it comes to radical Islamic terrorism. If you decide to slices the head off a coworker, or fire rockets into a neighborhood, that’s your fault. Nobody made you do that, and nobody else deserves to be punished as much as you.

The progressive left, on the other hand, are busy trying to turn black and white into gray. Nowhere in their deluded, utopian, fantasy of a philosophy is their hypocrisy and inconsistency more apparent than this issue. And honestly, I probably wouldn’t care so much if these people were just bloviating to each other over coffee at some café in Seattle. The problem is these people are in charge of our government, our military, and our media. Too many decent people have already been the guinea pigs of their utopian experiments, how much more life and dignity do we have to lose before we decide to stop allowing the lunatic fringe to run the show?

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