Liz Cheney: Obama wanted to make this ridiculous apology to Japan (VIDEO)

cheneyobamaBack in 2009, President Barack Obama supposedly kicked around the idea of apologizing to the nation of Japan for America dropping a couple of nukes on them back in World War II. Never heard about that? Don’t feel bad – there’s a reason why few people have, but thanks to Liz Cheney, we get to revisit this little episode again.

Liz Cheney and her father Dick Cheney appeared at the Reagan Presidential Library last Wednesday (September 9) to promote their new book Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America and discuss current political issues. Near the end of their discussion, Liz Cheney began discussing the “apology tour” President Obama took around the world soon after he took office, and reminded everyone of a little-known incident during the tour.

“He ended his apology tour….when he went to Japan. And before he got to Japan, the American ambassador sent a cable to Washington saying that the Japanese government had rejected the idea that President Obama travel to Hiroshima and Nagasaki and apologize for the nuclear bombs we dropped,” Cheney said. “Showing no recognition at all and no understanding at all of ending the war when we ended it and why that was the right thing to do.”

The revelation came via a leaked diplomatic cable from Wikileaks in 2009, and while few media outlets reported on it, the hosts of Fox and Friends speculated about the Obama Administration’s misguided foreign policy by suggesting such an action. The White House denied there was ever any plan, and Fox and Friends host Steve Doocy walked back their comments later. The story failed to find any legs in the mainstream media, which is why you likely never heard about it.

Although the media refused to report on the issue, Cheney is correct that the incident is an indictment of Obama’s foreign policy, even in those early days of his Presidency. At worst, the diplomatic cable does lend itself to the belief that Obama had every intention of extending his “apology tour” to Japan, just as the Fox and Friends hosts speculated. According to the Wall Street Journal, Obama had already apologized for past American policy in England, France, the Czech Republic, and Latin America. There’s no reason to believe that Obama wouldn’t take the opportunity to apologize for what liberals see as America’s ultimate act of imperialism, the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan.

It is certainly within the realm of possibility to think Obama administration officials floated the idea to the Japanese ambassador, who shot the possibility down in no uncertain terms. Something certainly necessitated the Japanese ambassador to make such a strong insistence that it was covered in a diplomatic cable.

At best, let us assume President Obama had no intention at all to take advantage of the opportunity to make a strong anti-nuclear statement and continue his precedent of apologizing for America’s past policies and deeds. It’s a stretch, but let’s assume anyway. Under this scenario, that means the Japanese ambassador went out of his way to tell the Obama administration “don’t even think about apologizing when you come here.” Citing the fact that anti-nuclear activists in Japan would jump all over an apology, the ambassador called it a “non-starter.” Japan relies heavily on nuclear power to meet its growing power grid needs, and they thought Obama would make things worse for them.

Think about that. In just his first few months in office, the Japanese government had so little faith in our President that they had the (wait for it) audacity to tell our ambassador to warn Obama to not even consider the idea of apologizing over the nuclear bomb drop.  Apparently, the Japanese government knew what so many American voters didn’t: that Barack Obama was not a leader who understood history or America’s place as a world superpower. And so they had to tell him not to mess things up diplomatically.

This scenario makes our President look even worse than if he actually had planned to apologize. By insisting he had no plans to apologize, the Obama administration is actually admitting that the Japanese government had no respect for Obama, and had to direct his actions like he was a junior diplomat.

Will Langan, who attended the Cheney lecture, was taken aback when Liz Cheney mentioned Obama’s Japan incident. “I think everyone’s jaw dropped when they heard this,” he said. “For years, Republicans have been joking about Obama apologizing for the atomic bomb, and now we know that he actually wanted to.”

Here is video of Liz Cheney’s comments about Obama. You can view the entire lecture on YouTube by clicking here.

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  • Kim Smith

    There is an old saying and it goes ” History is written by the victors” but not if liberals change it, and that is what has happened with the US dropping the bombs on Japan. Libs want us to believe that the big, mean US was just bullying Japan and we just wanted to kill 180,000 people. In the 50 years leading up to Aug 6,1945, the day we stopped Japa, they had been invading innocent countries around the world. From 1893 to 1939 Japan had invaded China 10 times. Each time they roared through the outer provinces like a swath of locusts leaving thousands dead. In 1939, japan invaded nanking province. For six weeks they raped and killed every person they found. This was mostly women, children, and the elderly. None had weapons. They raped so many people that this invasion is called the Raping of Nanking. They then roared through the south pacific nations,(Indonesia, Indochina, Dutch Indonesia, US territories in the Phillipines, and European held Islands. The people of the Pacific nations were slaughtered. Finally, japan, Hitler, and Mussolini signed treaties agreeing to allow Hitler the use of the japanese Imperial navy. This was after they attack of Pearl harbor. Hitler was fighting in N. Africa by this time, having decimated Europe. Aside from England most of Europe had fallen to Hitler and England was barely holding on. Without US intervention, they too would have fallen. japan bombed Pearl harbor on Dec 7, 1941, we did not drop the bombs until Aug 6 1945. By that time japan had killed over 6 million people over the past few decades. The emporer needed to be stopped. So our douche of a president can try to change history all he wants. America’s greatest generation stopped Hitler, Mussolini, and japan. We created a world free of these despots. Today, we are dealing with twenty years of failed conflicts because we have been led by crooks and thieves. Our political system has lost faith with most of the world. This president should have been arrested and tried for treason the moment he sold arms to al queda.There is an active relocation of muslims occuring right now. War is inevitable. The only question is, do we still have any strength , as a nation, to remain free. Or will we be the next Rome, to fall because of corruption, greed, and imorality.