How Many Snakes Would You Trade For One Rat? ( Part 2 )

by Randall Stevens

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Like Jihadi Father, Like Jihadi Son
As for his father, Bob Bergdahl, to whom that email was addressed, Bob’s response to his son was “OBEY YOUR CONSCIENCE!”  What type of conscience is this?

Bob Bergdahl, like his “POW” son is a convert to Islam.  Reporting on, Walid and Theodore Shoebat explain that not only does Bob have a beard and a trimmed mustache, two signs of a devout Muslim male, but Bob has also achieved some level of fluency in several languages native to the Middle East region: he speaks and writes Arabic (shown on his YouTube videos), speaks Pashto (which he speaks to his son), and even Farsi (he has bookmarked videos in Farsi, and reportedly speaks it to his son as well).  During the press conference at the White House, he began by reciting the Shahada, the Muslim profession of faith.  (Obama actually smiled as Bob said this.)  But the most damning evidence that Bob is actually a terrorist sympathizer are his YouTube bookmarks.  A collection of jihad propaganda videos, they include a video made by the American Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed a drone in Yemen attack after inspiring the Fort Hood shooter, Nidal Hassan.

If there were any doubt left, Bob had a history of Tweeting pro-Taliban messages.  One such message read “I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners.  God will repay for the death of every Afghan child, Ameen!”  Not working to free his son, but hardened terrorists who killed American soldiers?  Another tweet read, “3 US terrorists were killed & tank destroyed during ambush 2am near Parwan provincial capital Khaibar.”

I don’t see any reason why the Obama administration, if they were acting on behalf of the United States’ interests, would ever work to free a deserter/enemy sympathizer, whose father believes that American soldiers are the real terrorists.  Then again, this assumes Obama and his administration are working in the interests of the United States and not Qatar.

Now that his son is free, Bob Bergdahl has said he is unsure whether or not Bowe can still speak English.  (They have been communicating in Pashto, a language spoken in Afghanistan.)  Yet Bowe was held by the Haqqani network, a Pakistani-based terrorist group.  One of Pakistan’s official languages is English!  Is it really plausible that Bowe, who grew up in Idaho, no longer speaks English?  Or does the administration not want Bowe speaking for himself until he is debriefed?

While Bergdahl works hard to remember his English, and some speculate he may be court-martialed by the Army, he is also scheduled for a promotion from sergeant to staff sergeant.  This would be his third promotion since his disappearance, having previously been promoted to specialist in June 2010, and sergeant in June 2011.  (Note: It is DoD policy to automatically promote US servicemen in enemy captivity at times they would normally come up for promotion.)

Obama did not Free Five Terrorists – He Freed Eleven!
The media widely reported details about the five high ranking Taliban who had been freed in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl.  The Talibs in question were some of the highest ranking members of the movement, close confidants of Mullah Omar… his so-called “Kitchen Cabinet.”  They included the former Interior Minister of the Taliban, the Chief of Staff for the Taliban Army, Deputy Chief of Intelligence for the Taliban, a former governor, and a member of the joint al-Qaeda-Taliban cell and member of the Haqqani Network.  These murderous jihadis will (allegedly) spend a year in, where else?, Qatar with travel restrictions, unable to leave the country.

Sure they will.  Reminder: that’s the same Qatar in partnership with the National Logistics Cell, who smuggles heroin for the Taliban.

Yet as Dean Garrison at DCClothesline reminded us, these five were the second half of the delivery.  The first five Taliban, the preliminary collateral for the American-hating Bergdahl, were released in August 2013.  As Garrison put it, “The Taliban got a total of ten men back who want to kill Americans.  We received on traitor who is ashamed to be an American.”

Considering the statements of Bowe and Bob, their hatred of the United States and sympathy for the Taliban, we might simplify and say “Obama freed 11 terrorists.”

Not only that, but he did so against a law he signed earlier this year.  The law, which was part of the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act, requires that the President notify Congress 30 days prior to the release of prisoners.  That Obama violated federal law is not only the opinion of Republican Representative Howard McKeon, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, but also George Washington Professor of Law (and Obama supporter), Jonathan Turley.   Said Turley, “I don’t think that the White House is seriously arguing that they’re not violating federal law.”  He continued, “[T]he fact that you have negotiations that have gone on for years really undermines the argument that this was a matter where time was of the essence,” referring to the administration’s claim that Bergdahl’s health was failing, and therefore why they could not inform Congress 30 days prior to the deal.

Two senior members of the administration do not dispute that the law, or standard protocol, were broken.  Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, apparently not one to recognize irony or contradiction, said, “As to notification of Congress, yes, there is a 30-day notification. I notified the appropriate committee leadership, different committee leadership yesterday. That’s part of the responsibility I have as the secretary of defense.”  See how that works?  Me either.

National Security Adviser Susan Rice, when asked by CNN’s Candy Crowley if the United States negotiated with terrorists, dissembled.  “Candy, what we did was ensure that, as always, the United States doesn’t leave a man or woman on the battlefield.”  She added, “We actually negotiated with the government of Qatar, to whom we owe a great debt.

We, the American people, owe the government of Qatar something all right.

The Grip of the Qatarsnipes
Before western oil companies moved into Qatar and helped the royal family extract oil and natural gas from the ground, Qatar was nothing more than a tent-based economy, a backward peninsula populated by various tribes who exerted virtually no influence on world affairs.  Since the mid-1970s, and especially since the end of the first Gulf War, Qatar has used its enormous wealth to curry favor and influence in the halls of the United States government.  Not only has this Sharia state manipulated American foreign policy to its own ends, it has done so with money increasingly derived from organized crime, such as narcotics trafficking and slavery.

Since January 2009, the Qataris have had a reliable ally in the White House.  Barack Obama has backed virtually all of Qatar’s Islamist insurgencies across the Middle East and North Africa.  In the cases Libya and Syria, Obama is using the United States military as a tool of the Qataris to spread a Taliban-like model of statecraft (i.e. anarchy) to once relatively stable countries.  Iraq and Afghanistan, the two theaters of war which opened following the attacks on September 11, 2001, are dangerously close to falling into the hands of Qatari-connected terrorists, smugglers, and otherwise thugs.

In May 2014, the Obama administration, we can say with a great deal of certainty, followed the guidance of the Qataris and swapped an American traitor and deserter for a total of ten hardened Taliban leaders.  Like the Benghazi “embassy” attack, this represents one more opportunity for patriotic members of Congress in both parties to impeach the president before it is too late.


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