Millennials Have Nothing But Potential


Millennials are misunderstood; supposedly. Everybody wants to reach us, we are told, as if we, the youth, are some brand new phenomena.

The only thing that makes Millennials different from previous generations is the time we live in. And I hate to report, but there’s nothing novel about that. Of course, the pace of change is more frantic in the 21st Century, but even that is subjective. Each new generation has new technology that make their elders seem slower. Kids always think their parents aren’t as hip as they are, and of course they aren’t.
Millennials are the coolest generation ever, and the most self-centered. Wait, here me out, I meant that as a good thing.

There is nothing wrong with being self-centered, Copernicus. Self-centered implies knowing oneself, and the sooner you know who you are, the better.
A major problem of the hippies-turned-baby-boomer generation is that it took them an extra decade or two to learn identify, or “find themselves.” Most were too busy trying to piss off Mommy or Daddy by “dating black,” or rebelling against “the man.” All this rebellion and angst was simply their lack of knowledge of and satisfaction with their inner self. They lacked ego.

But the drugs have finally worn off of those hapless losers, and believe it or not, the hippies are just now finding themselves as they hit their 70s. Millennials, on the other hand, will have the first opportunity in decades to wake up sooner than the generation before them. Therein lies the problem.
Because the Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers were so self-indulgent, the Millennials will have the distinction of being the generation of less. No generation has been more “all about me” than baby boomers. Then come the Gen-Xers.

Unfortunately, most Millennials are products of Leftists. We have been trained to believe that self-indulgence is the next phase after self-centeredness. The Left tells us things like, “Sacrifice, volunteer, give back,” as the hippies robbed the Millennials blind. Who leaves their children and grandchildren with such debt?

I read an article where social security-aged boomers proclaimed proudly that they feel no responsibility to the generation before them. Did these people get a memo that the world is ending, thus leaving something for progeny is of no consequence? Most of us realize this is what America has become as the pendulum has swung far to the left. So Millennials don’t get a pass.

Before the world was dominated by Liberalism, people became adults quickly. They learned responsibility. People had little, and made do with what they had. Hard work was rewarded, and if no work was available, industries were created.

Guess who gets the chance to change the algorithm?

Never have there been more opportunities for creators than this time in history. In the old days, one could never imagine a person making a living running karaoke on a dime, making jewelry on Etsy, specialty clothing for eBay, or owning a tattoo parlor they funded at Kickstarter.
Look at television today and it is dominated by the hard workers of our generation. You can see a cross-cultural artist-meets-grease-monkey building motorcycles, refurbishing old mechanical products, buying (and selling) contents from storage lockers, building custom treehouses, aquariums, and the list goes on and on. Then there are the Millennials who turn their cause into a business idea, or start a tech company in their garage. We think outside the box and have the work ethic to make it happen.

What an amazing time to live in. You can pick almost any career and there is both money and satisfaction to be had. We are no longer locked into becoming accountants, doctors, lawyers, or blue-collar workers in a manufacturing plant. Millennials are free to find themselves in their careers.

And not a moment too soon.

Millennials are slowly finding out that those high-priced educations are not all they were promised to be. In fact, we’ve been lied to. And the Left wants, actually need to reach Millennials in order to continue the lie.

The Left has our generation more confused than dog chasing bubbles. Students in my generation protest capitalism as they simultaneously benefit from the products of capitalism more than any other group. The largest companies in America are run by Millennials. Millennials are the least racist, yet the biggest victims of racism.

The Right wants to reach the Millennials, as well. The Right recognizes the ingenuity of the Millennials, and what that can do to the interests on the Right. But the Right needs to expose the lie of the Left, before they can reach the youth.

Things are changing. We can feed many with much less. Quicker, better, cheaper is how things get done. Ideas are currency, not manufacturing. Today’s iPhone is tomorrow’s 8-track. America needs Millennials. But only those willing to accept the responsibility and grow up early as did ancient forefathers; the ones who founded this country. The world needs America’s Millennials to set the pace. It can be done, because it’s in our DNA.


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