Montel Williams: Rachel Dolezal no victim, she’s a liar

racheldolezal2TV personality, speaker, and author Montel Williams has taken on a number of causes recently, mostly pertaining to the treatment of our military, from the VA scandal to the jailed U.S. Marine in Mexico. Now, Williams has weighed in on the Rachel Dolezal controversy, and he’s pulling no punches. In a lengthy post on his Facebook page, Williams took Dolezal to task on her dishonesty, and blasted those who tried to compare her to Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.

Williams criticized Dolezal for being “self-righteous” and then trying to portray herself as a victim. He dismisses her claims of “self-identification” in search of “acceptance” by saying her actions reek of “dishonesty rising to the level of criminality.”

Here are more excerpts from his statement:

“I think this is about honesty, it’s about taking responsibility. When it suited her, she sued as a white woman – when it suited her otherwise she assumed the identity of a black woman. When she was called on it, she tried to use as many big words as possible to obfuscate it. With due respect, whom your biological parents are and whether they are white is not a ‘complex and multi-layered discussion.’ That is obfuscating the truth with big words.

Personally, I think her problem is she hasn’t had a reckoning with the truth. The truth is she lied – she is not a victim on the basis that she finds the questions asked inconvenient….I see self righteousness from Dolezal. I see a woman who is trying very hard to be the victim and one who seemingly finds victimization in whatever identity she assumes.

She’s also filed a multitude of apparently false police reports – even taking her story is true on its face, her “self identification” as black does not justify that sort of behavior which is dishonesty rising to the level of criminality.

I had hoped I’d see honesty and a plea for forgiveness. She claims she seeks acceptance – acceptance cannot be achieved in life without honesty.

I hope she gets the help she so clearly needs. This isn’t trans-race as much as its sans-honesty.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has a long history of having had white leaders – she could have been one – she chose dishonesty.”

You can read Williams’ entire statement by clicking right here.

H/T: Montel Williams Facebook Page

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