Mother’s heartbreaking plea to America’s rebellious kids

motherpleaNo mother should have to lose a child, but that is exactly what Kenisha Martin-Nelson is going through now. And she has a powerful message directed at “rebellious children” who disobey and lie to their parents.

Nelson’s daughter, Kaylan Ward, was killed near Interstate 10 in New Orleans, after running away and lying to her family about where she was. She had fought with her mother over taking the family car without permission. Police believe she was hit by a car as she tried to hitch a ride. She was 16 years old.

Ward had a history of running away and being a rebellious teen, and her mother minces no words about the price her daughter paid for her actions.  “Young people don’t want to listen to your parents. This is what happens when you don’t listen,” she said. “I had a rebellious child, but I loved her. If my child would have just been honest with me, my child would be here. Stop sneaking. Stop doing the things you know you’re not supposed to do. I gotta save someone else’s child. I couldn’t save mine, but I’m gonna save one of yall’s.”

Here is Martin’s heartbreaking message, as reported by WGNO in New Orleans:

H/T: Stop the Violence Facebook page, Wayman Gresham Facebook page

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