MSNBC analyst: Rachel Dolezal is a better black person than Clarence Thomas

michaelericdysonMichael Eric Dyson is about as loony a liberal as you can find these days, so of course he is a college professor. The self-proclaimed “hip-hop intellectual” is a professor of sociology at Georgetown University and a political analyst and guest host for MSNBC, so his radical views fit in perfectly. His special brand of liberal logic was on display Monday (June 15) when Dyson argued that former Spokane NAACP President was a more authentic black person than Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas.

Dyson reasoned that because Dolezal (the woman formerly known as black) was of a more liberal mindset on issues pertaining to the black community, she would have more support from it than Thomas, a staunch conservative and an actual black person.

It should be noted that Dyson’s contributions to the educational field include teaching a course at Georgetown entirely about the social impact of Jay-Z. And Georgetown University actually gave students three credit hours for that class. His literary contributions include books about Nas’ debut album and the life of Tupac Shakur. That should put his statements about Dolezal and Thomas in the proper perspective as you watch his comments on MSNBC:

 Basically, Dyson is arguing that liberal is the new black. Or something like that.



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