Muslims declare jihad against Peppa Pig


Muslims are furious that Western culture is undermining their religion, what with their insistence on equality and freedom and all of that. They have managed, however, to focus their anger on one central threat to Islam: Peppa Pig!

An unidentified Muslim man posted a video (featured below) to Facebook, expressing his horror that his youngest son told him “Daddy, I want to be a pig!” after watching the Nick Jr. cartoon Peppa Pig. After dubbing Peppa “Haram Pig” (“haram” means “sinful”), the man said he would form a Facebook group called “Muslims Against Peppa Pig” (you can see the group by clicking here) to get the cartoon of the air, and keep it from corrupting Muslim children. Here is the video:

Things have not been going well for the man and his Facebook page. Most of the followers and comments are people making fun of him, so much so that the man often has to tell people that he is actually serious and to stop making light of his cause.

This guy should be careful. His jihad against Peppa Pig will cause pigs from across pop culture to band together to fight him. Could you imagine a team-up of Miss Piggy, Porky Pig, Arnold the Pig, Babe, Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web, and Peppa Pig all going to war against Islam? Muslims wouldn’t stand a chance against the “Legion of Bacon.”

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