Native American artist depicts Scott Walker beheading (GRAPHIC)


In yet another example of liberal tolerance, a left-wing Native American artist has created a painting featuring the beheading of Wisconsin Governor and GOP Presidential candidate Scott Walker. The painting, by Jodi Webster, depicts a young girl from the Anishinaabe Indian tribe wearing a traditional “jingle” dress and holding a knife with the head of Gov. Walker in her hand:

scottwalkerpainting Jodi Webster says she is a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation as well as the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation. On her website, she says “My intentions in creating works are to enlighten the perceptions of Native people as well as positively promote women and children.” How Webster reconciles her “intentions” with the painting above is likely due to her liberal delusions warping her sense of morality.  This is Webster creating less controversial subjects:


Webster’s painting was posted to the Citizens Preserving the Penokee Hills Heritage Park Facebook page by Jeannie Michelle, who endorsed the piece. The painting was created in response to the state of Wisconsin approving mining operations near the Bad River, which could affect water quality for the Anishinaabe Indian tribe, whose reservation depends on the Bad River for their water source. State officials say the mining operations will not affect the river or the surrounding environment.

While many criticized the painting as inappropriate and over the line, others praised it. A Facebook user named Nick Vander Puy posted the following response: “This young woman above in the painting hates Scott Walker and what his policies represent. She will fight to the death to defend her family and territory as does any wolf. Is this really so hard to understand and accept?”

Webster doesn’t address why she feels it appropriate to use children in violent imagery, or why she has no problem raising stereotypes of violent Native Americans with the painting. When it comes to attacking Republicans, it seems, Webster is willing to throw her ethics and decency aside.

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  • DatBus

    Charming. Now tell us again how people of color “can’t be racist”.

  • RaleighKnows

    Nothing to praise about this “painting”. We are living in a time that such things are a reality… A reality of the most barbaric and ruthless group of people to have ever existed. Drawing any correlation between such a group and native Americans of any tribe is disgusting and should be admonished. I think this woman is foolish and misguided. She could have used her talent in so many ways to better make her point. This is hateful and unrealistic… She is at best, immature. If this was necessary to draw attention to her work… She has just experienced her “15 minutes”…. Gone.