A Conservative Dad’s Message To His Daughter

Craig Arps

I was recently blessed to have become a father. My wife gave birth to our first child, a wonderful little girl we named Robyn. If you’ve been there, you know what it’s like. The mixture of feelings is unlike any other. I am now tasked with the enormous responsibility of raising this child into responsible adulthood. While I’ve been politically active and aware for several years now, the event caused me to become even more acutely aware of the policies of secular humanist progressives, their control over our society generally and government in particular.

With the economy sputtering, the dollar becoming less valuable, and the temptation of the welfare state, I must work harder to pay my own bills, take care of her, and also teach her for herself that hard work is truly rewarding and worthy.

With the nation’s public and personal debts piling up, I have to find a way to teach her to be financially responsible.

I must teach her that her worth is found in her life and actions, while the messages of the rest of society teach her that superficial things are what matter. That her beauty is only in her physical appearance and promiscuity is what is appealing, not character and virtue.

We live in a nation that mocks family, abstinence, fatherhood, and values generally, where my daughter will be bombarded with the negative images and stereotypes launched at the “boring normal” lifestyles. As her father, it’s my responsibility to teach her that these things are the very foundations of civilized society, and that they are truly the best way to live.

I want her to live by seeking what is true, not just what feels good. To know that there are absolutes, that there are consequences and that life is not about pleasing herself.

I want her to be strong in her faith, to learn and grow close to God, while the public education system will teach her atheism, and the consensus of thought pushed by those around her will tell her that there is no God, and the values she learns at home are backward.

I want her to own these beliefs for herself, whether or not they comport with popular culture, and yet be brave enough to share them with the world around her; to be an example, not just a timid bystander. But I see that this will of course expose her to things I’d rather she not be exposed to.

It is daunting enough to try and chart this course in itself; to rise above my own failings and inadequacies to be the father I need to be. It seems almost unfair to be expected to do it in a nation that will hinder me at every turn, with the force of government and pop culture. What I want her to love, she will be taught to hate. When she needs courage, society will cause her to fear. Truth will be hard to find in a world full of lies.

It is comforting to know that, in this seemingly monumental task, I am not alone. Her mother and I have a great family and strong friends to lean on. People who share our values and will be a good example for her, who carry on the traditions we hold dear, the principles that our nation was founded on. I know too, that God himself will bless our best efforts, and overcome our mistakes to guide her to His purpose. All the thoughts of fear and doubt are dwarfed by the promise of a new life. The potential that I see in her is greater than her surroundings and ultimately, I am left with a sense of hope that is stronger than all the other thoughts and feelings. I am honored to accept the challenge of fatherhood in what is now America, whatever the odds may be.

About Craig Arps

Craig Arps is a 26 year old, Classical Liberal(Conservative) activist and born-again Christian from Northern Arizona, where he lives with his wife and daughter. Approaching politics from an outside perspective as a concerned citizen, he has become actively involved in local politics as a campaign helper, candidate, blogger, and general annoyance to the political establishment in both parties.