New York Young Republicans Censor Article on Gay Flag Flying At U.S. Embassies

by William Palumbo
TCS News
Earlier today, I wrote an article that exposed the fact that, unreported in the American media, the U.S. Embassy in London was flying two rainbow, i.e. LGBT(etc.) pride flags.  It was posted on the blog of the New York Young Republican Club.

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The article, which insinuated that the – most activist LGBT ever – president himself may be gay.  I didn’t see this as controversial.  Joan Rivers said it last week.  Remember?

Was the headline to controversial?  “The United States of Gaymeria?”  Funny, Time Magazine has a cover this week featuring our beloved Constitution being shredded into pieces.  Is that controversial?  The media seems to say “Meh.”

Nevermind for the moment that I have been posting – for the last year or so – sourced, circumstantial evidence that the United States has a dirty deal with Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood, and by extension, IS[IS].  Nevermind that I provided sourced evidence that NATO contracts with heroin smugglers for the Taliban, through the Pakistani National Logistics Cell.

See here:

I was asked by the President of this club to self-censor, and remove the article.  I received an email requesting this, but was not near a computer.  By the time I got home, at which point I could respond to the email (in fact my phone had died on the way back), the New York Young Republican Club had removed the article.

It doesn’t matter.  It had been reproduced on websites like Business Insider and Talking Points memo.  Removing the article from the YR blog served no purpose except to self-censor.  In a more normal time, we’d call that cowardly behavior.  

If we have reached a point where a barely known blog can’t post picture of rainbow flags publicly flying over American embassies, and where you can’t wonder out loud what seems to be something very obvious, this country is already lost.  But I don’t think it really is – let them, the Republicans, apologize.  I’m in no mood to do that, personally.

The fallout will provide all you’ll need to know about what topics are forbidden in Obama’s America.  A small post with a rainbow flag causes a media sandal.  One man with a keyboard, who had the audacity to post a picture sent by a friend in London, has drawn the petty wrath of the media and Republican Party.  Is this not pathetic?

God speed.

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