No, Google Maps isn’t racist against Obama

obamagooglemapsHey kids, look! Racism! That about sums up the latest example of “faux outrage” from the media, when news broke that searching Google Maps using racist phrases like “ni**er house” and “ni**er king” would bring up the White House.

Yes, that’s messed up, but the response here is much ado about nothing. Do we seriously have to explain that this entire situation is the result of a few trolls who manipulated a Google algorithm to “tag” a landmark?. They wanted attention, and they got it.

Normally, the media would ignore such shameless attempts to get attention, but they just couldn’t pass up the chance to cast the “Chosen One” as a victim of cruel racists (most likely Republicans) who have no idea what “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue” is or couldn’t remember the name of the Presidential residence. The media wants you to believe that some people would actually enter “Ni**a House Washington” in a search to find the White House. Whatever it takes to distract you from real issues.

Kevin Jackson made a great point about social commentary via Google Maps, but liberals won’t like it. “Perhaps the bigger question is what one might see if they Google ‘hell,’” he said. “I suggested in an interview that ‘hell’ is just about any black neighborhood in America. And the Devil is any member of the Congressional Black Caucus. Take Elijah Cummings (the liberal Democratic Congressman who represents Baltimore) for example. His ‘hell’ has been on display since Freddie Gray was killed. Suddenly everybody wants to understand the ‘hell’ Cummings has presided over for decades. No ‘White Devil’ in sight, as Baltimore had a violent crime rate 370% over the national average. With 40 deaths in May alone, we can expect Baltimore to move from the #6 deadliest city to the Top 5 for sure. You don’t need to Google ‘hell’ to know that, at least on Earth, it’s where the black people are.”

H/T: The Grio

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