Obama and Muslim Brotherhood Distract From Benghazi ( Continued )

Part II: Mullah Gore, the Prophet of Climate Change and Qatari Confidant

The Vice President’s Father

It may seem out of turn to bring up former Vice President, and Climate Change warrior, Al Gore.  Yet Mr. Gore fits neatly into this story, for reasons which will soon become evident.  However, first it is important to summarize some details of Gore’s life, and the life of his father, Al Gore Sr.

What many young climate activists do not know about Al Gore is that his father, Gore Sr., was also a Senator from Tennessee.  And one of the things that Gore Sr. is remembered for is his Congressional support for an oil company by the name of Occidental Petroleum. Occidental Petroleum was no ordinary oil company, for it was run by a colorful, weasley character named Armand Hammer.  Hammer, a bombastic and egotistical executive, was also an agent of the Soviet Union and Lenin.  In the words of a book review of Dossier: The Secret History of Armand Hammer by Edward Jay Epstein:

“Lenin used Hammer as his opening pawn in this economic chess game, offering him an abandoned asbestos mine in return for a promise to bring in wheat. Everyone concerned realized the mine was worthless, but it gave the Soviets a means to transfer money to Comintern agents. Lenin issued orders to ‘make note of Armand Hammer and in every way help him on my behalf if he applies.’ There were admonitions to keep the relationship secret lest there be a ‘fatal effect’ on Hammer.”

This should be enough to make any climate activist skeptical about their prophet.  Moreover, Occidental Petroleum was the company at the heart of one of the most infamous environmental scandals of all time: the Love Canal incident.  An Occidental subsidiary, Hooker Chemical, had buried 21,000 tons of toxic waste next to the Niagara Falls neighborhood, which was subsequently evacuated for public safety reasons, and the area was declared a state of federal health emergency by President Carter in 1978.

Armand Hammer liked to remark of Al Gore Sr. that he was “in my back pocket.”  FBI Chief and ardent anti-Communist J. Edgar Hoover compiled a dossier on Hammer in 1951, which was passed down to five presidents.  After retiring from the Senate in 1970, Gore Sr. was hired by Hammer as “chairman of Island Coal Creek Co., an Occidental subsidiary, and a seat on Occidental’s board of directors. By 1992, Gore owned Occidental stock valued at $680,000.”

It is perfectly factual to say that Al Gore Sr., the father of Mr. Environmentalist, was an employee of both a Soviet agent and notorious polluter, and profited handsomely from this relationship.

Al Gore, Al Jazeera, and Qatar

It appears as if Al Gore Jr. is no more scrupulous than Daddy.  In January, 2013, Al Gore and his partners sold Current TV, a television network, to Qatari-owned Al Jazeera network for a reported $500 million.  Gore, personally, profited to the tune of $100 million.  (Writing for National Review in January, 2013, Robert Zubrin noted the consistent hypocrisy of Gore Sr. and Jr.)  Nevermind for the moment that Al Jazeera is the mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood and the voice of the Arab Spring, hosting (Muslim Brother) Yusuf Qaradawi’s weekly show to an audience of 60 million with terrorist sympathizers.  A little digging reveals that Qatar was involved from the start with the initial funding for Current TV, which they would later acquire to procure broadcasting rights in the United States for Al Jazeera America.  Indeed Gore and his two partners in the venture have more connections to the state sponsor of terrorism than is comfortable to admit in polite company.

Current TV was launched primarily by three men: Al Gore, Joel Hyatt, and Ronald Burkle.  Joel Hyatt is a businessman and a Democrat politician, appointed to the California Public Utilities Commission (ahem, energy) by then Governor Gray Davis in 1999.  Ronald Burkle is another businessman and Democrat fundraiser, who, surprise surprise, is also on the board of Occidental Petroleum.  Three Democrats, all with important connections to the energy industry.  The questionable ties do not end there.

Joel Hyatt is also on the Board of the prominent American think tank, The Brookings Institution.  Brookings, of course, has a satellite campus in Doha, the capital of Qatar.  Ronald Burkle, meanwhile, is on the Board of RAND Education.  RAND had, until December 2013, its very own RAND-Qatar Policy Institute.  Qatar is known for its global impact on educational initiatives.  The Qatar Foundation is affiliated with the United National Institute for International Education.  WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education), a Qatar-based foundation to influence education globally, has more than 18,000 members and a presence in 152 countries.

In its list of demands to Qatar after expelling its diplomats, Saudi Arabia requested the closing of three institutions in Qatar: Brookings Institution, RAND Corporation, and Al Jazeera.  All were connected in one way or another to Current TV.

It may seem like a conflict of interest for anti-carbon Al Gore to take money from the petrol state of Qatar.  Yet, this is not as conflicting as it seems.  For Qatar derives most of its revenue not from oil, but from natural gas: the tiny Gulf nation has the world’s third largest natural gas reserves, and through its partnership with ExxonMobil, exports LNG around the world.

At the U.N. Social Good Summit in September 2013, which this author attended and at which Al Gore spoke of the dangers of carbon emissions, Gore never mentioned natural gas in his speech, and instead focused exclusively on oil and coal.  (Note: Cannot find full video of speech, and am relying on notes from day.)

Finally, to wrap up this neat package of incriminating evidence linking the former Vice President to Qatar – the “worst” partner on counterterrorism in the region, the state that had 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on payroll – the launch of Current TV was facilitated by the purchase of a Canadian news channel by (Gore and Hyatt-founded) INdTV Holdings, from Vivendi Universal.  Vivendi is partially owned by Qatar Holdings, a company of Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund, Qatar Investment Authority (QIA).

In a very real sense, Gore both bought and sold Current TV from Qatar, and in doing so, gave Al Jazeera the means to launch their American affiliate.  How convenient for the al-Thani Sheikhs to have their very own Armand Hammer.

Desperate Times, Desperate Reactions

In an April 20 (given the deep connections between the Brotherhood and the Nazi Party, the date may not have been an accident) story in the Jerusalem Post, the question was asked, Will Qatar abandon the Muslim Brotherhood?  As they put it, Qatar is the only country who openly supports the Muslim Brotherhood.  This followed the pressure exerted on Qatar to do just that from its three Gulf neighbors, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates.  Saudi Arabia even threatened a blockade should Qatar not comply.  Clearly the Brotherhood, and their revolutionary aims, had been recognized as a threat and an ultimatum given.

Nine days later, on April 29, news broke of the damning White House emails, which included an operative of the Muslim Brotherhood.  A Benghazi cover-up had been proved to the American public.

On April 27, totally unreported, a delegation from the Qatar Investment Authority visited Washington D.C.  This information is available on the official website of Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  QIA’s CEO Ahmad bin Mohamed Al-Sayed met with senior U.S. officials, including “Governor of the state of Virginia, Terry Macaulf [sic], Vincent Gray , mayor of Washington, DC, and Michael Nutter , the Mayor of the City of Philadelphia,” and John Podesta, “Senior Advisor to the U.S. President.”

Two days before the release of what may be the Obama administration’s Watergate, and in the midst serious diplomatic trouble for Qatar, the Senior Advisor to the President met with the QIA – the same QIA who fund Al Jazeera… the same Al Jazeera who paid Al Gore and Qatari-connected partners $500 million for their failed television network.  There is no doubt Podesta knew what was in those emails, and was fully aware of coming the political fallout.  He went to strategize.

What happens next?  On May 5, Podesta announced that Congress couldn’t do anything to stop Obama from enacting new policies to fight climate change.  “They may try, but there are no takers at this end of Pennsylvania Avenue,” said Podesta.  Obama, he explained, was committed to using executive orders to circumvent the Constitutional process for lawmaking.  The same day, it was reported that Qatar was expelling some key Muslim Brothers from the country, including Al Jazeera star, Yusuf al-Qaradawi (who, as of this printing, was unable to find a secure country to be exiled that could guarantee his safety).

Before addressing the obvious implications of this timeline, consider a Politico Magazine interview with Al Gore on April 24.  Entitled Al Gore Is Not Giving Up, Gore revealed the nature of his relationship with the Obama White House.  Gore bragged that he had “no complaints about any lack of access” to the White House.  Gore apparently has a “bat-phone” directly to Obama, allowing him to reach the president “at any point in time.”  He “powwowed” with Obama in January, on a Presidential visit to Nashville, at the request of Obama.  Said Gore, “The addition of John Podesta to the West Wing staff has made a difference.”  Intriguingly, according to Politico, Gore “low profile, which even Gore friends and allies tell me is very much by design.”

All the pieces now fit together, almost too well for comfort.

The Scam that Keeps on Giving

Qatar was in trouble.  Their friends, the Obama administration, were in trouble.  What to do?

Have Podesta, who knew Gore from the Clinton administration where he was Chief of Staff for Bill, meet with the al Qaeda-backing Qataris.  (The Clinton Presidential Library received a 7 figure donation from Qatar.)  Shift the focus to climate change, the ominous and vague notion of cataclysmic environmental catastrophes, and the threat of executive orders to distract from the actual threat of a compromised U.S. government.  Say the Republicans are creating political theater, wasting the public’s time on another investigation into a “phony” scandal.  Suck up as much media time as possible with a perennial press favorite, global warming, no… climate change… no, climate disruption.  No matter if it’s a sham, it’s a proven formula.  This time, call it dire to really work the crowd into a frenzy.

This says so much about the Clintons, Al Gore, Barack Obama, John Podesta and the Democrat Party.  It says equally as much about the climate change (whatever it is) lobby, and the cynical nature of the lie.  Those scientists who signed the report, they couldn’t have known how their work would be used.  (Note: Qatari influence is definitely not isolated to the Democrat Party.  For example of Republican corruption, see here.)

Od yavo’ shalom aleinu!

We’ve all been played.  But now you know the truth.  Perhaps now something will change.

Under Qatari influence, the United States Department of State muddles a report on terrorism, fingering not al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, who they admit are the most lethal, but Iranian groups as the main threat.  More, serious, investigations must follow.  And this report has to reach Trey Gowdy, if he is the real deal, as soon as possible.

One last thought.  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, after doing the dirty work of Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood, was almost definitely sacrificed by Qatar when the heat got too hot (Mastermind: The Many Faces of the 9/11 Architect, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, pg. 164).

They handed him over to the CIA of George Tenet.

Who might the Qataris be willing to sacrifice this time around?


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