Obama’s one-night stay in Brussels cost $2.5 MILLION for hotels and cars!

obama-throwing-our-money-aroundRecors revealed on Monday show that President Obama racked up another $2.5 million in hotel and rental car costs when he visited Brussels, Belgium for this month’s G7 summit – and spent just one night in Belgium’s capital.

Two government contract award documents show that the money was allocated to cover 141 rental vehicles and a total of 399 lodging, meeting and conference rooms.

The expenses covered Obama’s June 4-5 stay in Brussels, along with costs related to 15 days of ‘advance’ work work by his advance team before the president participated in a G7 conference in between one-night stays in Poland and France.

A requisition for lodging in Brussels at a hotel called ‘The Hotel’ shows an estimated cost of $1.51 million.

An additional $1.01 million was set aside just for ‘vehicle rentals.’…

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