Obama to Pope: Help a brother out with Iran!


How dysfunctional is our current administration when their best plan to free American hostages held by Iran..is to ask the Pope for help?

According to a report by Fox News, the Obama administration has been talking to the Vatican to seek their assistance in negotiating the release of a group of American citizens being held by Iran, including Christian pastor Saeed Abedini, former Marine Amir Hekmati, and Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian. The Obama administration apparently took note of the release of American Alan Gross from Cuban captivity, thanks in large part to efforts by Pope Francis and Vatican officials.

Why the Obama administration would think that Pope Francis holds any influence with Iran is a mystery. It is almost as if they asked themselves “Who is the last person on Earth Iran would listen to?” After all, we are talking about Iran, a country ruled by hardline Muslim radicals who hate the West. They stand a better chance asking John “Bomb Iran” McCain for help.

Perhaps the biggest mystery is why U.S. officials didn’t use their biggest bargaining chip to release the U.S. prisoners – the Iran Nuclear Deal. Does anyone actually think Iran would turn down the chance to restart their nuclear program (and get a few billion in aid from the United States) over a few American prisoners? It’s a prospect many have already considered and spoken out on – even Pastor Abedini’s wife has said the Obama administration should have made her husband’s release (along with others) a condition of the nuclear deal.

It makes one wonder if President Obama is really serious about bringing our citizens home, or if he is just putting on a show to make us think his administration is putting forth an effort to get these men released.

You can click here to read the entire story at Fox News.

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