Obama’s PAC launches gun control social media campaign

There are several reasons why Republicans and conservatives in general are losing the culture war, but none are as glaring as the ability of the liberal left to quickly utilize social media to support a movement. The recent Orlando nightclub shooting is a prime example.

After the Orlando shooting, Republicans had the right talking points; namely, Muslim extremism inspired the killer to commit an act of terrorism against gays, an oppressed and persecuted minority under Islam. However, within 24 hours of the tragedy taking place, Organizing for Action (a PAC formed out of the Obama presidential campaign organization) was already pushing the “gun control” narrative with an elaborate social media campaign.

Organizing for Action first sent out an email asking supporters to “add your voice” with others calling for new gun control measures, and were then directed to a sign-up page on the OFA website. A picture of President Obama is used, and spaces to enter your email and zip code are provided:

guncontrolOnce an email address and zip code is entered, visitors are taken to a second page, where ready-made social media posts (featuring the Obama image above) can be posted to Facebook, Twitter, or even be sent by email to one’s friends and contacts.

guncontrol2Remember, this gun control media campaign was launched about 24 hours after the Orlando shooting. In that short time, Democrats had already set their gun control talking points and created a social media campaign for thousands of people to spread their propaganda across the internet.

When Democrats staged a sit-in to demand new gun-control legislation, they used Periscope and Facebook Live to stream video of their protest. Republicans, on the other hand, were caught flat-footed and had virtually no response via social media, except for some random tweets by legislators.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the Orlando narrative has shifted to gun control. Democrats seized the moment, and Republicans never engaged.


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