Obama’s Secret Service kicks kids with cancer out of DC park

curefestWhen President Obama has to speak to the Congressional Black Caucus, nothing gets in his way. Not even kids with cancer.

CureFest, an annual event to raise money and awareness for a cure for childhood cancer, was held this past weekend in Washington, D.C.

According to the Washington Post, CureFest held a vigil Saturday night at Layfayette Square, the park directly across the street from the White House. The vigil had permission to be there, but when the President had to leave the White House to attend a Congressional Black Caucus dinner, the Secret Service cleared the park, forcing the attendees of the vigil to leave because they posed a security threat.

According to the Post, Michael Gillette did get an apology Monday morning, but it was too little too late for the 750 people who attended, many of whom were children fighting cancer:

Gillette said Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy called him Monday morning to apologize. The apology meant a lot, Gillette said, but he couldn’t accept it on behalf of the children.

“There are children who were in the audience who will not be there next year at this time, and there’s nothing to do or say to make this up to them,” Gillette said.

“To be ignored to the point of having your vigil canceled, it’s disheartening,” Gillette said. “Many children told us they went back to hotel rooms and cried.”

One has to wonder how President Obama could find the time to speak at a dinner for the Congressional Black Caucus, as well as invite “Muslim Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed to the White House, but couldn’t find a few minutes to speak at the CureFest vigil across the street from his house, or appear at the main CureFest event location at the National Mall, a short distance away. Instead, he kicked a bunch of kids with cancer out of park he was driving past so he could speak to the Black Caucus.

Perhaps kids with cancer doesn’t provide quite the photo opportunity the President is looking for.


To learn more about CureFest, click here to visit their Facebook page.

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