Only 67 Percent of Obamacare ‘Enrollees’ Have Paid Premiums

We’ve been casting a jaundiced eye on the Obama administration’s so-called “enrollment” totals for weeks, noting that they were counting “selected plans” as completed sign-ups to goose the numbers. In reality, as we’ve pointed out endlessly, consumers must pay their first month’s premium in order for coverage to kick in. We cited expert estimates that approximately 20 percent of “enrollees” were delinquent on payments, and therefore shouldn’t be lumped into the official figures. The administration has declined to provide payment delinquency rates, with Kathleen Sebelius repeatedly testifying that she didn’t have that sort of data at her disposal. She offered the same answer to questions about how many of the “newly enrolled” lacked prior coverage. The House Energy and Commerce Committee set out to track down those missing statistics — and what they found is significantly worse than what even many Obamacare critics imagined. Wow:


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