Outrageous: Obama Claims, ‘We’re Not Lavishly Spending on a Whole Bunch of Social Programs’

Obama-LiarThe U.S. Treasury Department records the following expenditures on a few of the many social safety-net programs for Fiscal 2013 and Fiscal 2012. In most cases, the amounts increased year-to-year:

–Medicaid: $265.392 billion ($250.534B in FY 2012)

–Food stamps (SNAP): $82.548 billion ($80.401B in FY 2012)

–Housing and Urban Development Department: $56.576 billion ($49.578B in FY 2012)

–Supplemental Security Income: $56.489 billion ($50.674B in FY 2012)

–Child Nutrition Programs: $19.325 billion ($18.309B in FY 2012)

–Temporary Assistance to Needy Families: $17.017 billion (16.136B in FY 2012)

–Women, Infant and Children (WIC): $6.557 billion ($6.837B in FY 2012)…

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