Patriotic Cat Break

Between international conflict, elections and seasonal allergies, its been a pretty busy time for most of our readers. Which is why today’s post is just for laughs. The only policy up for debate is how to handle the cuteness in the follow ten pictures of patriotic cats. Enjoy your weekend, America!


Rocking the red, white and blue.

Rocking the red, white and blue.

captain Ameowrica

“Avengers Assemble!” was never so patriotic.

Cat in the hat

These colors don’t run, but the kitten might.

george washington cat

George Washingcat stands for freedom.

Grumpiest Patriot

Democrats lost? GOOD. -Grumpiest Patriot

lincoln cat

Lincoln Cat believes in democracy for all cats, no matter their fur color.


Heck Yeah!

Nyan Patriot

From star to shining star.

Pusheen July

Pusheen teaches you how to be a good patriot.

tiny hat cat

Red, white and adorable.



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