PC Police Alert: If you use ‘Gaydar,’ you’re a bigot

gaydarMake a note people: the PC police have moved the goalposts yet again.

According to a new study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, using the term “gaydar” is stereotypical towards gays and even leads to violence.”Gaydar,” of course, is the ability to detect someone as gay. The authors of the study insist “gaydar” doesn’t exist, and it is actually people being judgmental and applying their own bigotry, prejudices, and stereotypes on a person.

“Most people think of stereotyping as inappropriate,” Professor William Cox (who authored the study) said. “But if you’re not calling it ‘stereotyping,’ if you’re giving it this other label and camouflaging it as ‘gaydar,’ it appears to be more socially and personally acceptable.” You read that right: a guy named “Cox” authored a study on “gaydar.”

It’s probably no surprise that the guys behind the study have an agenda. They readily admit that they were out to disprove another study that gave credibility to the idea that people do have “gaydar.” They also authored a previous study that claimed people were more willing to deliver an electric shock to someone if they knew they were gay. I’m not kidding: that was an actual study. They claim that the electric shock study proves people will treat a gay person violently if given the chance, so we shouldn’t encourage the idea of “gaydar.”

I don’t know about you, but most of the people I know who claim to have “gaydar” are actually gay themselves. And they are quite proud of the fact that they can “spot their own kind.” I’ve seen them work their “gaydar,” and let me tell you, it’s pretty convincing to see it in action.

Does this mean that gay people who use “gaydar” are stereotyping and judging themselves, and are bigoted to their own? And does this mean they are more likely to hurt themselves? I think we need a ruling from the PC Police on this.

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