Pompous celebs are #WearingOrange to push a gun ban

It’s National Gun Violence Awareness Day, and supporters are marking it by wearing orange and posting selfies on Twitter with the hashtag #WearingOrange. What, you didn’t know? Didn’t get the memo? How could you miss all of those National Gun Violence Awareness Day sales being advertised on television?

You’ll have to forgive me if I seem a bit insensitive to the issue of gun violence. However, this isn’t about remembering the victims of gun violence. Some participants may be sincere about remembering victims, but they are being used by the anti-gun groups behind this trend. #WearingOrange is manufactured outrage generated by liberals and their Hollywood enablers with one goal: the outright ban on gun ownership. They want to get you so upset about gun violence that you make a knee-jerk reaction and support gun control. Ending violence of any sort is much harder than just banning guns: it requires raising children with a moral code that respects life and shows love to their fellow man. A moral code that only a strong faith in God can instill. But that’s way hard, man, so liberals are wearing orange and posting selfies on Twitter with the #WearingOrange hashtag. Because it’s all about the victims.

Most of those participating are the usual liberal suspects. MTV.com is doing wall-to-wall coverage, providing stories and pushing the agenda. Katie Couric, Perez Hilton, Jason Batemanthe staff at Cosmo Magazine, Alyssa Milano, Piers Morgan, and even THE NEW YORK METS tweeted about #WearingOrange today. Of course, President Obama tweeted about it. And comedian (and I use the term loosely) Sarah Silverman posted a picture on her WhoSay page wearing orange curlers and posing with a monkey. Because this is a serious issue, folks.


Finally, in the ultimate example of “slacktivism,” actress Susan Sarandon tweeted a picture of herself holding a “Wear Orange” shirt, because she was too freaking lazy to actually PUT THE SHIRT ON! Come on, Suz! At least act like you care enough to actually wear the shirt.


To read more about the not-so-active activism/shameless self-promotion going on today, click here to read Twitchy.com’s coverage.

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