Rand Paul’s ‘Festivus’ Twitter rant targets Trump, federal waste


Rand Paul spent most of Wednesday marking Festivus, the unofficial and unconventional holiday popularized by the classic sitcom “Seinfeld.” In keeping with the tradition of Festivus, Paul tweeted out his “airing of grievances,” many of which took aim at Paul’s favorite target: his fellow Republicans.

Paul first took aim at Donald Trump, with a rather hilarious slam aimed at his China hypocrisy:

Paul also took aim at every other GOP Presidential candidate, including Ted Cruz (“Has still not pledged to issue exec order declaring Canadian “bacon” is not real bacon. Makes me suspicious,” he tweeted) and Ben Carson (“I have not heard a word he has said in any debate,” he said).

After letting his fellow Republicans have it, Paul tweeted out a number of government waste examples that made his “grievance” list, and eventually got around to hitting President Barack Obama, tweeting “He gets 2 play WAY more golf than me & he doesn’t have 2 go through TSA lines.”

You can read all of his Festivus tweets (which is now an annual tradition for him) on his Twitter feed by clicking here.


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