Sacrilege! Liberals push barbecue restaurant ban in this Texas city


As a resident of the Lone Star State, when we say “Don’t Mess With Texas,” we mean it. And that includes the barbecue, son.

Austin, Texas has long been the state’s only haven for liberals, hippies, and assorted left-wing nutjobs. Californians moving to Texas know there’s only one place they can live and not have their liberal stupidity laughed at. Every once in a while, though, the Austin libs get all uppity, and the locals have to put them in their place. When we made the mistake of electing Ann Richards governor back in the 1990s (she seemed like a real Texan at the time), we had to send in George W. Bush to throw her out of office. We take care of business.

When Austin liberals set their sights on the only sacred cow in Texas – barbecue cow, that is – common sense rose up to set things right. After some over-sensitive Austinites complained about the barbecue smoke from local restaurants infecting their delicate nasal passages (seriously, they actually complained about that), they devised a devious plan to require restaurants to install equipment so expensive, it would force them to close. The Austin Monitor provided more details on the proposal, proposed by city council member Pio Renteria:

Renteria’s original proposal would have required barbecue restaurants to put expensive scrubbers on their stacks to prevent smoke from bothering neighborhood residents. Recently Renteria has said he would like stakeholders, including restaurateurs, to work on the problem of smoke making neighborhoods less habitable.

Skeeter Miller, owner of the County Line barbecue restaurant and president of the Greater Austin Restaurant Association, predicted extreme hardship for local restaurants if they were required to install scrubbers. He told the committee that he had contacted the manufacturer of such equipment and learned that it would cost $56,000 to install a scrubber and $100,000 per year to maintain it.

Thankfully, the city council’s Committee on Economic Development voted unanimously against the ordinance. Instead, committee members suggested the city’s code compliance office investigate individual complaints about smoke.

For now, the barbecue continues to be served in Texas’ liberal mecca, and the smell from the mesquite-flavored smoke can continue to bother vegans munching on their tofu cakes.

H/T: Austin Monitor

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  • Barnard Brown

    Liberal policy: if it ain’t broke, tax it, regulate it, ruin it, make it gay-friendly, then cry over the ruins and yell it was all caused by republicans cutting the budget.

  • Oregonpapa

    Is there anything liberals aren’t offended by?

    • Martin

      Not if it involves liberty or freedom.

  • American Infidel

    It’s always a few MO-RONS who want to start something dumbass. I for one LOVE the smell of BBQ smoke….going down Va Beach Blvd past BONEZ!

  • William Blanshan

    Let me get this straight…..They’ve been breathing in whatever the hell they’ve been pumping into the air in California, and they can’t tolerate the smell of barbeque smoke? Hell, I’ll drive miles out of my way just to get a whiff of good barbeque smoke. Hickory is the best. Let them libtard pussies go back to cali and ny and drink their lattes and eat their sushi. This is Texas , where we do things right.

  • bws001

    Liberals believe that smelling like marijuana or having to breathe in the smoke from it are OK.. But Barbeque smoke from a stack it bad??? OK then… talk about delusional