Sale of ‘Gay Doritos’ will benefit vulgar bigot Dan Savage’s group

Snack Giant Frito-Lay made big news when they announced that they were making “Rainbow Doritos” to celebrate the LGBTQ community. What you probably didn’t hear was that sales of “Gay Doritos,” as they have come to be known, will benefit the It Gets Better Project, an organization founded by Dan Savage, a man known for his vulgar treatment of Christians and conservatives and bullying of anyone who doesn’t agree with him.

Frito-Lay, which is owned by PepsiC0, has made it clear “Rainbow Doritos” is an effort to show support for the gay community, regardless of how many Christians and conservatives feel. Frito-Lay Chief Marketing Officer Ram Krishnan told The Dallas Morning News that they aren’t concerned with any backlash or boycott. “There’s always going to be backlash for any marketing program we do. I think this is about doing right,” Krishnan said. “It fits within our Doritos narrative of being bold. It fits within our company values at PepsiCo. We have stood for diversity and inclusion throughout our entire history. It fits with what the parent company stands for, as far as what we value. So that’s what we’re focused on.”

Frito-Lay plans to sell “Rainbow Doritos” at gay pride events (including this weekend’s Dallas Pride Parade) as well as online for a donation of $10 to the It Gets Better Project. Dan Savage founded the organization and still runs it, and has a well-documented reputation of making vulgar and obscene statements towards those he disagrees with. Most of the time, his vitriol is aimed directly at conservatives and Christians, and the media rarely calls him out on his behavior.

According to Breitbart, Savage’s behavior has included:

“(Savage) wanted to “f*** the s*** out of Rick Santorum.” He said that Republican gays were “f*ggots” who “grab their ankles, right on cue.” He tried to slander Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren by Google bombing a self-coined term, “saddlebacking,” meaning “the phenomenon of Christian teens engaging in unprotected anal sex in order to preserve their virginities.” He said in 2006 that Green Party Senate candidate Carl Romanelli “should be dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope.” He said in 2011 (to Bill Maher), “I wish the Republicans were all f***ing dead.” reported that Savage’s obscene statements and actions also included:

*Calling for Christians at a high school conference to “ignore the bullsh*t in the Bible”

*Saying that “the only thing that stands between my d*ck and Brad Pitt’s mouth is a piece of paper” when expressing his feelings on Pope Benedict’s opposition to gay marriage

*Promoting marital infidelity

*Telling Dr. Ben Carson to “suck my d*ck. Name the time and place and I’ll bring my d*ck and a camera crew and you can suck me off and win the argument.”

*Using the repair of a statue of Pope John Paul II for a reason to call him a child molester.

*Spreading the flu by infiltrating presidential candidate Gary Bauer’s campaign office, licking door knobs, personal coffee mugs, staplers, keyboards and phones.

Even with all this documented hatred and bigotry, Frito-Lay still chose to reward him by giving him the proceeds from the sale of “Rainbow Doritos.” In addition, Disney/ABC is developing an ABC Family sitcom based on Savage’s life called “Family of the Year.”

You can click here to sign a One Million Moms petition to cancel the Dan Savage sitcom, as well as get contact information for ABC Board of Directors members to ask them to cancel the sitcom.


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