Say it ain’t so, Flipper! Hamas captures Israel’s dolphin spy


Hamas claims they have scored a major victory in their war against Israel by capturing their top spy. Who happened to be a dolphin.

No, we are not making this up.

The Times of Israel reports Hamas has made the claim of capturing the sea mammal, but Israel has not commented on the incident or confirmed that they actually have dolphin spies. The Times provides more details on what must have been a harrowing sea battle:

The dolphin was said to have been equipped with “spying equipment” including cameras.

It was captured off the Gaza coast by the naval unit of the Hamas military brigades, the radio report said.

The capture was made several weeks ago.

The Israeli Navy maintains a fleet of Dolphin class submarines. But the Army Radio report made clear that Hamas was talking about a mammal, not a boat.

Actually, this incident may finally cause many American liberals to now support Israel. Imagine the uproar if Hamas tortures and beheads the dolphin. They will finally have a cute animal to sympathize over, because God knows, dropping missiles on Israeli neighborhoods and setting off bombs on Israeli buses doesn’t upset them one bit.


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