See the difference when TMZ talks to Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton


This happened some time back, but given Hillary Clinton’s recent attempts to “remake” herself, we should remind ourselves why she has to do so: because she is a cold, insufferable old hag that doesn’t like having to talk to riff-raff like us common folk. And she surely doesn’t want to talk to TMZ about her emails or anything else, for that matter.

When TMZ managed to meet up with both Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio in two separate incidents while the two arrived at the airport, it provided a stark contrast in who they are as individuals. As you will see in the videos below, Marco Rubio is personable and joked with the TMZ videographer. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, blew off the TMZ videographer and wouldn’t speak to him, ignoring him as he continually asks questions. Who does she think she’s fooling with that fake smile?

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and Hillary is as old a dog as you can get. Trying to make her more personable now won’t do a bit of good. She is incapable of showing compassion or any human emotion. See for yourself:

H/T: IJ Review

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  • BarbaraB

    She is such an a*hole. No, make that an A*HOLE.

  • Cynewulf

    It’s the small things. Aside from the temperature gap between the two, it shows a wisdom gap. Rubio wisely takes the time to perhaps broaden his appeal. Clinton gets the opportunity to say whatever she wants and reiterate her side of the story to a sympathetic interviewer. The outcome: Rubio now has video floating around of him radiating optimism, not just for him but for America, and Clinton has video floating around of her showing utter disdain for those beneath her. Who made the correct decision? Which of these decision makers would I want in the White House?

  • CrackerJack Man

    she is such a bitch