DHS Now Actively Raiding Panties

Seriously? DHS now conducting PANTY RAIDS?!This is how insane our country has become. “Common Sense” has become as rare as Michael Moore at an N.R.A. rally, or maybe Bill Clinton at “Promise Keepers”.

Does DHS not have better things to do with their time like, say, protecting our sieve of a border? Or maybe protecting us from the nothing-short-of-a-biological-weapon of Ebola? Or, here’s food for thought, how about extinguishing some of then KNOWN terrorist training camps that are in our country?

“Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, as Lord Acton said. Big government only gets BIGGER, left to its own devices because bigger means MORE power. It’s sort of a “positive feedback loop”, or as Pee Wee would say it, “It’s like a cable-knit sweater that just keeps on knitting, and knitting, and knitting”, oh, you get the idea.

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